What makes a great digital strategist

What does a digital strategist actually do?

We are looking for you! Work as a digital strategist at TrafficDesign and develop innovative and successful online marketing concepts for our customers.

In hardly any other corporate area has digitization caused changes so early and so far as in marketing. The online marketing is long since main discipline and has become the communication and advertising not least because of the clear measurable efficiency revolutionized.

Internet marketing not only offers a variety of opportunities to achieve business goals, it is also driven by innovationthat do not tolerate standstill. To be successful here, you need the expertise of proven specialists who maintain an overview, know the options and use their experience - that Digital strategist.

What tasks does the digital strategist have?

The digital strategist is the one who gets an overview of the requirements and wishes of the customer with regard to the entire digital communication. Together with the client, he defines the goals that are part of a Digital concept be held. The main part of the work is developing a bespoke one Marketing strategy that covers all aspects of online marketing.

The digital strategist is in favor of choosing the Communication and advertising methods responsible, which are geared in particular to the target group. Building on this, he recommends a suitable channel mix to the customer. Possible Methods and channels are:

  • Search engine optimization (Google, Bing, Amazon, etc.)

  • Search engine advertising (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Amazon Advertising, etc.)

  • Performance Marketing (SEA, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.)

  • Display & Video Advertising (YouTube, etc.)

  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Content marketing (website, blogs, social media channels, etc.)

The digital strategist selects the right channels and advertising measures for the customer and positions them in the phases of the customer journey

An important component in the development of a digital strategy, on which all communication measures on the Internet are based, is digital brand management. It is the job of the digital strategist to translate the existing brand identity for the digital communication channels and, if necessary, to further develop it. For that it is important to both target group to know as well as the Competitor to analyze. In addition to instruments of market research, dealing with various ones is also important Online Marketing Tools day-to-day business.

Digital strategists are interfaces and project managers

Digital strategists are the interface between the customer and the online marketing managers who take care of the operational implementation of the planned measures. Your task is to take up the problems and goals of the customer and make recommendations for action digital transformation and cross-channel communication to give. As a project manager, the digital strategist is available to the customer for all his questions and presents the developed strategy. His experience, his feel for brands and trends as well as his own communication skills ultimately determine whether the customer accepts the strategy and becomes a long-term customer.

But the digital strategist's work is far from over with the concept and strategy development. Eventually, many components become one digital ecosystemthat the strategist recommends, implemented gradually rather than all at once. Your success control is based on clearly defined key performance indicators (KPIs), which also enable a constant optimization of the strategy.

Developing the concept is a central task - it often begins with the definition of the target group

What qualities should a digital strategist have?

Digital strategists need besides extensive specialist knowledge a good one for everything to do with online marketing A feeling for brands and trends. It is therefore essential to have some initial experience as a performance marketing manager, for example. Without a personal interest in digital topics and a pronounced affinity for the Internet, the demanding job can hardly be achieved.

The Analysis, evaluation and Compression of numbers, data and Facts runs through the entire work of the digital strategist. Nonetheless, they are too creative solutions asked. Communication with the customer also takes up a lot of space. The digital strategist must be able to lead clients and manage projects. Ultimately, it combines all the skills that the digital change in marketing requires and thus takes a central and responsible key position a.

The Requirements for digital strategists in detail:

  • Broad knowledge and as much experience as possible in (online) marketing
  • Willingness to use new technologies
  • Willingness to familiarize yourself with new industries, topics and tools
  • A feeling for customers and their brands
  • Identify, understand and translate digital trends
  • Conceptual, strategic and creative thinking skills
  • Ability to develop new ideas and solutions (Design Thinking)
  • Project management skills and leadership skills
  • High analytical ability for numbers, data and facts
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Very confident handling of the German and English language

What does TrafficDesign offer its digital strategists?

As Online Marketing Agency we take care of measurable success for national and international customers from various industries. We cover all core areas of online marketing with website analysis, SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (search engine marketing) and social media marketing. As a digital strategist, you work primarily in channel management and ensure that the customer's advertising budget is distributed as efficiently as possible across the appropriate advertising channels.

You take over responsibility for customers and staff and benefit from flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. As part of a young and ambitious team, many are yours Free spaces available, which are also reflected in the working conditions. We offer flexible working hours and places of work through flexitime and home office. In addition, we support you with time and money in the regular further education.

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Our centrally located office in downtown Cologne is well equipped. In addition to reliable technology, we offer our employees access to many modern marketing tools that make their work efficient and twice as fun. We live one open corporate culture and appreciate it when employees actively contribute to the further development of the agency. Ideas and wishes, but also questions and problems, are discussed, answered and solved collectively.

Our values ​​and the resulting corporate culture are not just empty phrases, but a lived model for friendly interaction with one another. As a service provider in online marketing, our employees are our most important resource. Your way of working and the working atmosphere determine the quality of our service and thus the success of TrafficDesign. We don't see ourselves as a community of convenience, but as ateamwho enjoy the finest roasted coffee together and sometimes play on the Playstation during the breaks.

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