Who cares about energy efficiency

The federal and state governments do not care enough about energy efficiency

In a five-point catalog that the council published on Thursday, the panel criticized the efforts made so far in this direction as inadequate. It is so far unclear how the federal government wants to achieve a ten percent reduction in consumption by 2020, which it decided in the legislative package on the energy transition, said Council Chairwoman Marlehn Thieme.

"For a successful energy turnaround, we urgently need specific and binding measures in terms of energy efficiency," Thieme continued. A good basis for this is the draft for an EU efficiency directive presented by EU Energy Commissioner G√ľnther Oettinger.

Progress needed in building renovation

Specifically, the Council for Sustainable Development is calling for progress in the struggle for energy-efficient building renovation, which should be expanded for energy-efficient urban renovation. The cost dispute between the federal and state governments, which has been dragging on for months, is "problematic". Energy efficiency standards should be mandatory for transport facilities and power grids.

The committee also demands a market economy framework that "enables the economy to enter into an energy efficiency business area". Politicians should act as a role model, for example by awarding prizes. Energy efficiency should "become an essential factor in corporate management.