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Foreplay in the head40 erotic questions that every couple should ask themselves

Good sex affects not only the body, but most of all the mind. Whether as foreplay, during or just to get to know your partner better: 40 sex questions that will get your imagination going - we promise.

You don't talk about sex? I beg your pardon - why is that? Couples seeking fulfilling sexuality should do just the opposite. Exchange ideas about wishes, fantasies and preferences. Our sex questions will help you.

40 sex questions every couple should ask each other at least once:

1. What was your sharpest erotic dream?

2. Can you tell me all of your sexual fantasies? Or is there something that is preventing you?

3. Do you think there are sexual desires to be ashamed of?

4. Do you remember our first time?

5. What is your favorite sexual memory of both of us?

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6. What is your favorite place to touch when you are pleasuring yourself?

7. Would you like to have sex in an extraordinary place?

8. How do you like sex in public? Do you find the allure of being caught stimulating?

9. What do you think my most secret fantasy is?

10. Do you want to watch some porn with me?

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11. What do you find particularly erotic about yourself?

12. Do you like quickies?

13. Do you take it personally if I don't feel like having sex?

14. What is absolutely un-erotic for you?

15. Have you ever thought about having sex with more than one person?

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16. Are there dreams that you might find erotic in your imagination but would never try out in practice?

17. How often do you think about sex?

18. Which is better: sex with love - or without?

19. What does "normal sex" mean to you? And what is "wild sex"?

20. Up to what limit are violent fantasies okay?

21. Are you satisfied with yourself and your body?

22. Do you feel wanted by me?

23. Do you like sex toys? If yes, which?

24. Do you think sex has something to do with power too?

25. What does "bad sex" mean to you?

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26. Do you think that one day one will be too old for sex?

27. Is there a perfect time of day for sex?

28. How many days can you go without sex?

29. Do you think temporary abstinence makes sex more intense?

30. Do you find it normal for couples to have less sex over time?

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31. How do you think couples can make their sleepy love life more exciting again?

32. Do you think that dirty talk alone can give you an orgasm? And: do we want to try it out?

33. Do you find it stimulating to watch other people have sex?

34. Do you find sex with a complete stranger to be exciting?

35. Is there anything you don't dare to have sex with?

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36. What does it mean for you to let yourself go completely?

37. Give or take: what do you prefer about sex?

38. What is erotic for you?

39. Can sex be forgiving after an argument?

40. Is sex a proof of love for you?

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