What are the secrets of the car dealers

Book tip: The secrets of successful car salespeople

In the 3rd edition of the book "The Secrets of the Successful Car Seller", Hans Eicher reveals how you can set yourself apart from average colleagues through personality, commitment and know-how. Detailed knowledge is an essential factor. Customers are better informed today than ever before. So, in addition to their own range of models, sellers should also know about the main competitor models. In addition, advisory skills in leasing, credit and insurance issues are essential. Salespeople need to be able to approach people. Anyone who thinks visiting customers to sell them a car is of no use is leaving this terrain to the competition. However, the direct acquisition has achieved respectable success. After all, it is easier to sell in the customer's office than in the showroom, as the person you are talking to feels more secure, which has a positive effect on his willingness to negotiate. An important characteristic of the seller is the high level of dialogue and empathy. One recognizes a weak salesperson immediately: he talks too much, listens little and hardly asks questions that give him information about the person and the wishes. (AH) From: "The secrets of the successful car seller" How to become the best car seller in the car dealership By Hans Eicher Auto Business Verlag, Munich 3rd edition 2008 41.00 euros (net) Order the book directly in the shop.