Why is Thomas Brodie Sangster so cute

Every TV viewer has their own personal Christmas film classics. But “Indeed ... love” should definitely not be missing. Do you remember Sam?

  • "Indeed ... Love" was released in 2003.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster played little Sam 17 years ago.
  • What does the actress look like today?

Munich - The pre-Christmas period has long since arrived in living rooms. Between freshly baked cookies and hot chocolate, one important point should not be missing: the Christmas movies. They let the anticipation of the holidays rise again. In 2003 the Christmas film "Indeed ... love“, With actors Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson and top model Claudia Schiffer, among others, on the big screen. They are now among the most beautiful classics for the Christmas season. Do you remember the romantic story the little Sam in love with exchange student Juliet and fighting for her heart? Juliet was played by Hollywood star Keira Knightley, who at the time was a sweet 18 years old. At the age of just 13, little Sam became an actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster was played to become a child star. Today he is one of the big movie stars. You have certainly seen the actor in other films and series.

"Indeed ... love": Thomas Brodie-Sangster - this is what Sam looks like today

The acting role in "Actually ... Love" started his career and Brodie-Sangster became a popular child star. Today the actor is 30 years old. He has remained loyal to show business. He plays in the third and fourth seasons of the successful fantasy series "Game of Thrones" Jojen Reet, the son of Lord Howland Reet. He also got a role in the action film "Maze Runner". In November, the British actor even posed as a model in front of the camera. You can see little Sam in "Actually ... Love" again this year. In 2020, the film will be shown ten more times on TV screens. The next broadcast date is on December 20th at 8:05 p.m. on SRF Zwei (Switzerland) and around 8.15 p.m. on ZDFneo.

"Indeed ... love" star Thomas Brodie-Sangster: The actor is taken

When it comes to love, the 30-year-old has actually been doing well for a while. Thomas Brodie-Sangster has been with the company since 2014 Actress and production manager Isabella Melling together. The now 31-year-old used to be a child star and starred in the British TV sitcom "My parents, the aliens“Starring Wendy Richardson from 2000 to 2005. However, joint appearances by the couple on red carpets and events are rather rare. The couple keeps their relationship to themselves - there are also no daily couple pictures and selfies that they upload to the social media platform Instagram. There are enough fan pages from Thomas Brodie-Sangster and his girlfriend Isabella Melling.

The actor mentioned in a 2013 interview with the magazine The Telegraphthat he is still a little unsure whether the relationship has a chance at all: "She has just finished university and works in a cafe while she is thinking about what she would like to do next," the singer is said to have said. But his worries were baseless - his girlfriend visited the actor regularly on various sets, such as the production of "Maze Runner". How nice to see that out two child stars also "Indeed ... love" has been.

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