What DJ software does DJ Snake use

6. Hybrid setups

A hybrid setup is the expansion of a digital DJ setup to include an analog DJ mixer or an internal PC mix or an external mix.

Simple hybrid setup

For this purpose, the signal from each individual sound source or deck is routed to the multichannel DJ mixer using a multi-channel audio interface. The signals are then present separately in the mixer and can be mixed as in classic multi-channel setups.

With the internal PC mix, the audio signal is calculated and generated in the computer. This is done without loss, but requires computer resources. The external mix is ​​done externally in the mixer. The quality depends on the mixer. Computer power is not required for the audio mix.

Advanced hybrid setup

As with the extended controller setup, hybrid setups can also be extended to include additional signal sources such as CD players or turntables.
Such an arrangement combines the advantages of the hybrid setup (analog multi-channel mixing) and the extended controller setup (e.g. using pieces of music that are not in the playlist).