How is Bill Clinton like Donald Trump

The 42nd US President of the United States

The life of Bill Clinton

  • Bill Clinton grew up with his stepfather who supported his political ambitions
  • Many years as Arkansas Governor prepared the future presidency
  • The Lewinsky affair damaged Bill Clinton's reputation, yet he remained in the White House for two terms

Born in Arkansas, it quickly became apparent that William "Bill" Jefferson Clinton (* 08/19/1946) a political career aspires to. The politician of Democratic Party headed the United States from 1993 to 2001. The Lewinsky affair and sexual harassment allegations damaged his reputation in the second term. After his political career, he advocates charitable purposes and continues to express itself politically. His wife Hillary Clinton (* 10/26/1947) was the 2016 presidential candidate. There, however, the Democrat was defeated by the Republican candidate Donald Trump (*14.06.1946).

Bill Clinton: Childhood, Education, and the Military

Bill Clinton's father died in a traffic accident while on a business trip just months after he was born. William, whose short form is "Bill", grew up with his Grandparents in Arkansas. His mother remarried in 1950, after which the entire family moved to Hot Springs. In his biography, Bill Clinton views his with mixed feelings Stepfather back. On the one hand, he was violent towards his mother and half-brother, on the other hand, the stepfather financed Bill's studies and supported his start in politics. Bill Clinton graduated from college at Georgetown University. There he already worked for a congressional committee chairman from the Democratic Party. With a scholarship he was able to study for two years at Oxford University in England. In the course of this he traveled to a number of European countries.

Back in the USA he continued to study at the Elite University Yale. Also supported Bill Clinton passionately die in his youth Civil rights movement around Dr. Martin Luther King. Most of his peers completed the military serviceto im Vietnam war to fight. Critics complain that Bill Clinton successfully avoided military service. He himself points to Remorse, to fight as a declared opponent of the war in Vietnam.

Bill Clinton and the start of his political career

Gained first political experience Bill Clinton in the course of his studies at work for various democrats. On November 5, 1974, he himself ran for the seat in United States House of Representatives. His narrow defeat in the Republican constituency earned nationwide recognition. Two years later he won the Election as attorney general. On November 7, 1978 he won the election for Arkansas Governor. The intended Reelection failedas his Republican challenger got the majority of the vote. Despite numerous successes during his tenure, voters resented the introduction of a vehicle tax. His successes were among others:

  • Improved education in schools
  • Promotion of medium-sized companies
  • Higher salaries for teachers

He financed the next one with large donations from his followers Election campaign. In 1982 he won the Arkansas governor elected. He prevailed in the subsequent re-elections and remained in the governor's office until 1992. His successes during this time included:

  • Strong economic growth
  • Equality between the black and white population
  • Arkansas School Reform
  • Extended term for the governor

Be Resignation in December 1992 served only one purpose: Bill Clinton wanted to stand up for the coming Presidential election prepare to rule henceforth from the Oval Office of the White House.

Bill Clinton: The US presidential election

As early as 1988 discussed the Democratic Party, if Bill Clinton is not the right candidate for the upcoming presidency. However, Clinton himself decided against running and supported the democratic candidate Michael Dudakis (* 03.11.1933). In the following years, Clinton strengthened his public image and positioned himself as a politician close to the people. In 1991 he made the thoughtful decision to join the Democratic Party primaries to run for the next presidential election. In the Presidential election in November 1992 Bill Clinton clearly won against the Republican incumbent and independent challenger. With his Vice President Al Gore (* March 31, 1948) he moved into the White House in 1993.

Bill Clinton: His terms as US President

His first term from 1993 to 1997 was shaped by the crumbling socialism in the Soviet states. Clinton focused on domestic issues and acted cautiously in foreign policy. As a member of the Wing "New Democrats" he stood for the democratic center. With a Increase in the top tax the Democratic politician wanted to reduce the debt of the United States of America. There were also a few Reforms in the area Social assistance, equality and health insurance.

In the 1996 presidential election Bill Clinton won again clearly against his challengers. Domestically, he was for one positive development of the economy responsible, while tax revenues rose at the same time. In terms of foreign policy, the re-elected US president focused on the Improvement of the American-Vietnamese relationship and a Mediation in the Middle East conflict. Since that Al Qaeda terrorist network During the Clinton tenure acted intensely and carried out terrorist attacks in the USA, those responsible intensified the Find Osama bin Laden.

Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky Affair

The reputation of Bill Clinton Suffered noticeably from the Lewinsky affair. Bill Clinton had with his intern Monica Lewinsky (* 07/23/1973) a affair. When this became public, an impeachment process took place, but it failed. At first he denied the relationship, but later admitted an amicable affair. Later there was more allegations from women to Clinton for sexually molesting them. Looking back, Monica Lewinsky points out that he consciously used his power. To this day throw the allegations and the Lewinsky affair a shadow over the work of Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton, who has always remained loyal to him.

Monica Lewinsky herself had to start a whole new life after the affair and the revelations that went around the world. With the greatest discipline and courage, she managed to leave the public eye and the affair behind. She is now a recognized psychologist, writer, and anti-bullying activist. She has also participated in the well-known TED Talks as a speaker in the past.

Bill Clinton after the presidency

Its time as US President ended on January 20, 2001. There he handed over to the new President George W. Bush (* 06.07.1946) the White House. Since then he has been campaigning for the Fight AIDS a. He is also committed to various social facilities. He still exerted political influence by speaking out publicly on social media. Most recently, he condemned the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021 by racist and conspiracy theory incited Trumpists.

The match was lit by Donald Trump and his most ardent enablers, including many in Congress, to overturn the results of an election he lost.

The election was free, the count was fair, the result is final. We must complete the peaceful transfer of power our Constitution mandates.

- Bill Clinton (@BillClinton) January 7, 2021

Bill Clinton: The 42nd President's Family

During his studies at the Top Yale University met Bill Clinton and his future wife Hillary Rodham. She also studied law there. Together they went to Oakland, California, where she worked in a small law firm while her lover was running a Democratic campaign. Bill Clinton supposed to be Hillary numerous marriage proposals have made, all of which she initially rejected. However, on October 11, 1975, the two Clintons tied the knot. The 42nd US President and former first lady to have a our daughter. Chelsea Clinton (* 27.02.1980) worked for management consultancies and hedge funds. She now also has three children.