Is mechanical engineering is preferable to CA.

Crediting studies for mechanical engineering and industrial engineering

Hello Andi,

which master are you currently studying?

How did you cope with the master’s course as previous knowledge in your bachelor’s degree?


I decided on industrial engineering, but I just chose a provider for my bachelor's degree that had a high proportion of technology.

When I was doing my master’s degree, I first thought about the MBA. However, they only recommend top universities and then I stayed true to the subject.

With the master’s degree in industrial engineering, they also state in the description that this will bring you to higher management. And so the positions are also advertised with us.

Because of the technology, providers with the title "of Engineering" were also important to me.

Well, it was a tough time. Leisure time is around 0. You cannot compare it with the IHK in terms of both the scope of the material and the level of difficulty.

An average of 700 pages of material is required per exam.

In addition, especially in the Bachelor's program, there were subjects that you simply had to understand. So like math 1 + math 2. Physics and Co.

I then made up for all of the higher mathematics that was missing due to the missing high school diploma with books and YouTube videos.

The scripts, which are very well structured, were also an advantage.

But whenever you thought that you had gotten rid of mathematics, it came back to subjects like control engineering and the like.

But if you build everything up step by step, then you can make good progress.