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Maybe you know the feeling of scrolling down your Instagram feed a bit and then thinking "Oh my god, what did I do there?". Don't worry, you don't have to worry about that! It is totally natural, that he not doing everything right at the beginning and only learns over time.

But there is 13 Instagram mistakes I really want to save you from! In I will present them to you in detail in this article.

Mistake # 1: Not a clearly defined topic

There is already 100,000 accounts, that deal with a general topic: e.g. wellness, lifestyle, beauty ➡️ this is how a large target group is addressed but: "If you want to address everything and everyone, you won't reach anyone in the end!"

To stand out, you need to get one clear niche with a special target group choose!

Mistake # 2: Unprofessional Instagram pictures

Let's start with one of the worst mistakes: bad photos. At the beginning you may also have thought to yourself: "Okay, I'll grab my iPhone and take pictures on it." If you really want to take your Instagram account seriously, yours should Focus on beautiful, high quality photos lie.

My team and I invest several hours in my photos every month: from the shooting to the editing. I can tell you from experience that it is worth the effort: the Instagram algorithm rewards high-quality content.

An Instagram photo from my early days:

My optimized Instagram photos from @carodiy and @ carolinepreuss.de

What is striking? My first photo is a bit out of focus, the image section is poorly selected and the colors don't look crisp enough. To put it briefly: The first photo is simply completely meaningless and does not support my imagery.

The other photos are perfectly coordinated with Instagram and included clear branding colors and icons.

My tip for you: Find a unique visual language that suits you and Instagram!

You are now wondering how you, as a non-professional, should take good photos and create high-quality graphics? No panic! There are now many ways to create great pictures even as an amateur and without expensive professional equipment!

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Mistake # 3: Not a harmonious Instagram feed

The be-all and end-all of Instagram is a harmonious, beautiful feed. The photos must fit together perfectly as a whole.

The reason for this is pretty simple: Before someone follows you on Instagram, they will most certainly be looking at your profile (and not just at the individual photos).
If your Photos as an overall picture inconsistent work, you probably will few new followers gain in addition.

When I started Instagram a few years ago, I had no idea about a nice feed. The front and back of my photos didn't match.

Find a consistent look for your feed

You can see that the colors and imagery of the pictures fit together perfectly today. In contrast, my feed used to seem thrown together and without any information. The individual motifs (e.g. the ice cream, the flowers) are beautiful, but not attractively draped.

My Instagram tip for you: Think carefully about which visual language you want to follow on your profile and stick to it strictly at the beginning!

Your colors are green and yellow? Then, for example, don't post red flowers (no matter how beautiful they are 😉).

Don't worry: not everything has to be perfect from the start! Allow yourself experimenting with different styles, but set yourself as aim, one uniform look to find.

Mistake # 4: Bad picture texts

"Who cares about the text if the picture is beautiful?" Even if the focus on Instagram is on the photos, you should not neglect the texts (captions). With the right text, you encourage users to leave a comment - and that goes down well with the Instagram algorithm.

Roughly speaking, the more interaction on your profile, the better. But a comment is not just a comment: My users are currently interacting a lot with my pictures and responding to my texts in their comments. From this I can see that my texts are actually read. A comment like “lovely” or “super pretty 🙂” doesn't do you much good, because what feels like 1000 images are flooded with such meaningless comments.

My suggestions for improving good Instagram texts:

  • Always try one history to tell.
  • End your text with a so-called Call-to-Action (Call for action), for example an open question or a reference to new content on your website or YouTube channel.

Mistake # 5: No interaction with users

Instagram used to work as follows for me: Open the app, upload a picture, close the app. Oh dear ... In addition to high-quality images and a nice feed, interaction with users is essential!

That means: diligently like pictures and comment them sensibly (!). On the one hand, you arouse the interest of other users and, on the other hand, create engagement on your own profile, which in turn has a positive effect on the algorithm.

My tip for you: Initially, take 15-30 minutes each day to reply to comments and messages, and to look around and interact with other profiles. Be careful not to just use 0815 comments, such as "pretty" or just an emoji.

Mistake # 6: Just like posts on other accounts

If you want to be seen on Instagram, likes won't do you any good! Because: In the activity log, your likes are summarized with the likes of other users. Accordingly, your interaction is barely visible to the other account owner:

Better: Write relevant comments and messages if you want to be noticed!

Mistake # 7: No clearly defined target audience

Although Instagram is more of an app for the younger target group, the app can be used to target different target groups: You speak depending on whether you are talking about handicraft DIYs, healthy recipes, business development or something completely different a completely different group of users.

My tip for you: With every post, consider whether it fits your target group and brings added value.

If you are maybe unsure how to get yours Design posts best for your target audience, I have great support for you. In my free PDF do you find 30 post ideasthat can also be implemented for your account.

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Mistake # 8: ignoring trends

Maybe you have Do not feel like, you in something new familiarization or fear of something new to do wrong!

But if you really want to be seen, you have to leave your comfort zone!

I have a task for you: For example, try out a new format idea twice a month that is deliberately outside of your comfort zone (e.g. turning a reel).

When you go to Subject reel Are you still looking for inspiration or have unanswered questions, be sure to listen to mine Podcast episode with bodysynchronous purely!

Mistake # 9: No systematic schedule

If you convert your account into a business profile, you can easily see at what times your community is online. You should also post your content accordingly!

For example, my community is mostly online in the evenings.

You can see this data if you follow the steps below on your profile click:

On the top right on the 3 lines | Insights | Target group | scroll down completely!

Mistake # 10: Posting without an editorial plan

Many Instagram users just post spontaneously and do not worry about the order of their postings or the time of uploading. The problem: You can't plan your feed nicely if you only post spontaneously. So that my posts don't look random, I always plan them in advance for at least a week and think about the arrangement in which my feed will look best. Therefore there is helpful apps such as “Preview”.

My advice: For example, put a simple excel spreadsheet in which you plan the contributions for the next few days and weeks. Then you don't have to worry about developing new ideas every day!

Mistake # 11: Take new photos every day

Prepare decorations, pick out clothes, do make-up, set up photo equipment, find the right location ... If you want to take high-quality photos, you have to plan enough time for preparation! So that I don't have this stress every day, I always shoot motifs bundled, e.g. once a month. So I always have enough content on hand and I don't break into a sweat because I need a photo for my Instagram account quickly.

Another advantage: If you take photos in a recurring setting, this ensures a uniform look in your feed!

My tip for you: For every photo shoot, take not just one, but at least 10 photos. This will save you a lot of work in the long term!

Mistake # 12: Too little personality

Instagram is a personal, human platform! There is no point just holding products in front of the camera. You can dare to show yourself and give a real insight into your life or behind the scenes of your business! Your followers want to know more about you and your story.

My tip for you: Post enough personal content so that users feel they are getting to know you authentically via the platform. And at the same time only post content that you are actually comfortable with. Nobody is forcing you to drag your family or life partner in front of the camera - find a way that feels good to you.

Mistake # 13: being interchangeable

The biggest mistake that you can make and that almost no one avoids: You don't dare to do anything differently. But from my own experience I can tell you how important it is to create unique content that you won't find in anyone else.

My tip to you: Let yourself be inspired by other channels, but always think about what defines YOU and dare to do something to try completely new things. Who knows: maybe you will start the next trend!

Because it is so important to create something unique, I have prepared a whole video for you on the subject:

Mistake # 14: Don't use formats

You may have already read it above: I used to post without a common thread and all of my pictures looked different. I had the same problem with the content! I reinvented the wheel every day instead of relying on successful formats.

Today, recurring formats are my standard tool on Instagram.

Some examples:

  1. Transformation post
  2. Personal mail
  3. Checklist
  4. Carousel Post
  5. Caro's plain text

This framework gives your followers a sense of what to expect from your account.

My tip for you: Identify formats that match your content and plan them regularly in order to meet the expectations of your users.

You are not sure which formats would be suitable for your account?

Register for my free online training:

Mistake # 15: Don't add value

Always ask yourself: What is the added value in your posts? Do people really want to see another selfie or another product?

You can of course continue to present your products on Instagram. But always try to integrate these into your posts in such a way that you offer additional added value.

Keyword "WOW effect" - ask yourself: Would a stranger be enthusiastic about your content? If not, then you have to consider what added value you can offer potential followers.

In my postings I give tips on building a business, I have posted handicraft instructions on my old DIY channel. What added value do users get from you?

Mistake # 16: Not a fixed niche

A lot of people make the mistake of posting everything and nothing - or mixing up too many topics in one account! Focus on one topic and stick with it. The good thing about it: if you do it right, you can grow in virtually any niche. The niche shouldn't be tiny, of course, but it doesn't have to be huge either.

For example, instead of just posting food, you could focus on healthy dishes based on a certain diet or just post photos of crazy dessert creations.

Instagram mistake # 17: only post EGO content

Honestly: I started that way! Above all, I told you what I do, which tips have brought ME further and what I want to achieve.

I noticed, however, that this does not help: the users are only interested in you to a certain extent. First and foremost, they want to deal with themselves and learn something for themselves.

So formulate your texts like this from now on: Instead of "I'll tell you today", write "Today you will find out", etc.

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Is a nice Instagram feed important?

Yes, because: Before someone follows you on Instagram, they will most certainly take a look at your profile (and not just at the individual photos).
If your Photos as an overall picture inconsistent work, you probably will few new followers gain in addition.

What should I look out for in the Instagram feed?

The photos must fit together perfectly as a whole. Make sure that the colors and the imagery harmonize with each other.

Why do I need a strategy to grow on Instagram?

Yes, there are accounts that have made it without a strategy. But to be honest: Very few Instagramer have this luck! Most channels fail to grow unless they employ a strategy.

Is it important to have a lot of followers?

For me it is a very big principle: less is more. And: quality comes before quantity. 2,000 followers with whom you have developed a good relationship are worth a lot more than 10,000 followers who almost never interact with your content and don't really have you on screen.

How many followers are you successful on Instagram?

Again, of course, it all depends on what goals you set yourself! Very important: Don't get too stuck on the numbers when it comes to your goals, but think about how you can improve your content. Then the numbers will automatically develop positively too!

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