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Trend pleated skirt
this is how you wear pleated skirts in everyday life

Today I'll show you another spring outfit with the pleated skirt trend and how you can combine it in everyday life. In today's post you will find out why pleated blinds are also a great recommendation this summer and why it is even worth investing in a couple of beautiful skirts.

Fashion trend pleated skirt - a wrinkled perennial favorite

Pleated blind Our grandmothers already wore them - back then it was Pleated blind Something noble, you had to be able to afford to have fabric pleated. Even back then pleated skirts for lightness and had a certain playfulness. Even earlier, however, had Pleated skirts a rather bourgeois reputation - after primarily country women wore it and of course wore it for practical reasons, it later found the way to sport. Surely you remember them small pleated skirts the tennis ladies. No wonder that pleated blinds found their way into these areas, once folded, the pleated fabric retains its shape and returns to this shape even after major movements and washing.

Today is Trend pleated skirt neither stuffy nor unaffordable. The wrinkled skirts are now available in all sorts variants - with the smallest cringle folds up to larger, elegant pleated blinds.

This is how I wear the pleated skirt trend in everyday life - styling tips for pleated skirts

Pleated blind by the way comes from french word plisser What ‘Put something in folds’ means. No wonder, that Pleated skirts So this touch of elegance attaches to that we get from the French women fashion familiar with. But the wrinkled skirts can also be very different. I combine mine Pleated skirt in everyday life Preferably with simple basics.

In my today Spring outfit with pleated skirt I am wearing a new acquisition from the last ZARA delivery. I was already taken with this skirt in the online shop and in the end I only placed the order because of it. I combined it with one on a cooler day cozy sweater and one white belt bag with rivets. The skirt is down asymmetrically cut and not hemmed, that leaves him rather in spite of the elegant fabric and des cool gray look quite casual. The small white belt pouch, also from ZARA, and the sporty fabric sneakers underline the casual touch and the look becomes one street style suitable for everyday use.

Wishlist pleated skirts

Pleated skirt and why you should finally invest in beautiful skirts this year

Maybe you are like me and you have already created a small collection of skirts over the years. In fact, my closet houses a few Midi and maxi skirts, but also medium-length dresses, which are also great in spring with a sweater or hoodie let wear. And that's exactly what's great about it, by the way longer skirts: You are so changeable. The gray one Pleated skirt about you can be really nice with Combine sneakers, With pumps and one chic sequin top on the other hand, I wore it to a ball on the weekend.

With a pleatedSkirt in midi or maxi cut we are always quick and well dressed, simple basic shirts always go with it, and skirts go with it in spring and summer perfect alternative to jeans.

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