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This is how consumers recognize good ice cream

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Every German eats almost eight liters of ice cream a year. Most of it comes from the supermarket. But how good is the industrially produced ice cream and why are the price differences between the individual brands so great?

Don't just pay attention to the package size

If the ice cream is very firm, this can be an indication of its quality.

If you compare the different types of ice cream available in the supermarket, it quickly becomes clear: Converted to the liter, the price range is enormous: While the ice cream from the discounter is already available for around one euro per liter, the ice cream from a premium brand is up to 12 euros per liter. However, if you compare the weight, the price difference is no longer that great. Because the ice cream in the cheaper packs has a much larger volume because many manufacturers add air to the ice cream. It is therefore advisable to pay attention not only to the liter, but also to the weight on the packaging.

Emulsifiers and stabilizers are often used to give the ice cream its airy consistency. They have another effect: the ice melts more slowly. This makes it easier to portion and is not as hard frozen when it comes out of the freezer - a quality that many consumers appreciate.

Ice cream or ice cream?

Additives ensure that the ice cream is easy to shape and does not melt as quickly.

There is another reason why it is worth taking a look at the packaging. Some manufacturers have switched to replacing the classic ice cream ingredients, whole milk and cream, with skimmed milk and coconut oil or other vegetable fats. This saves you money because milk fat is significantly more expensive. The packaging shows whether a product was made with vegetable instead of milk fats: If it only says "ice cream", the product may contain vegetable fat, mostly coconut fat, in addition to milk and cream. "Ice cream", "milk ice cream" and "ice cream", on the other hand, contain only milk fat in addition to cream and milk. So "ice cream" is a product with higher quality ingredients than "ice cream".

"Vanilla-flavored ice cream" or vanilla ice cream?

It is particularly advisable to take a closer look when buying vanilla ice cream. Because only ice cream with vanilla extract or natural vanilla flavor can be called vanilla ice cream. "Vanilla-flavored ice cream", on the other hand, contains artificially produced vanillin. The typical small black dots are also not an indication of quality. They usually do not come from the vanilla pulp, but from ground inferior vanilla pods.

Ice creams are getting more and more unusual

Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla were yesterday. The latest trends include individually composed coldstone ice cream and types made with craft beer. more

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