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A key for the Löwenherz-Pflege-WG

It was both a farewell and a welcome party: with the symbolic handover of the keys, the house at Käuzchenweg 2 in Hanover-Anderten has now finally changed hands. This is where Löwenherz's inclusive care flat is being built.

"Many people always talk about inclusion, but here Lionheart makes it easy"

District Mayor Klaus Dickneite

Where until recently the Derksen health studio, a practice for physiotherapy and massage, was located, an inclusive care flat for young adults will be built in the future under the direction of the “Kinderhospiz Löwenherz e.V.” association.

Klaus Dickneite welcomes Lionheart to Anderten

District Mayor Klaus Dickneite spoke of a model in terms of lived inclusion and warmly welcomed the Löwenherz children's hospice to Anderten on behalf of the citizens. "Many people always talk about inclusion, but here Lionheart makes it easy," he stated aptly. And his words touched not only the guests, friends and supporters present, but also Löwenherz managing director Gaby Letzing and the previous house owners, the Derksen family. They thanked their customers for the trust they had placed in us, but were also looking forward to the continuation of such an exciting project in this house.

Shared apartment with terminally ill and healthy people

Gaby Letzing explained what the inclusive care flat share is all about. The idea for this came up more than two years ago. "We spoke to the young people affected and their parents about what such a living concept could look like," said the Löwenherz managing director. From these discussions, a concept for an inclusive care flat-share was developed, a completely new form of self-determined life. An apartment is planned in which four terminally ill people and four residents will live together without impairment and face the challenges of everyday life. A nursing service and psychosocial staff will support the flat share. "We are really happy that we found a house in Anderten and will now start the necessary renovation work."

Incidentally, Tom and Clara, two of the future residents and their families, were already there when the keys were handed over. Tom in particular can hardly wait to finally move into the shared apartment. Although the 18-year-old needs intensive care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he no longer feels like living at home.

The inclusive care shared apartment makes the desire for independence come true

“This development began three years ago, after a school trip,” says mother Judith. "He suddenly grew up, retired to his room and preferred to listen to rock music instead of Bob the Builder." A year later, Tom's desire for independence became even clearer. His parents took him to a vacation retreat. “A short farewell and we were allowed to go - that was all,” his mother describes the decisive moment. "The change is difficult for us, but we respect his desire for independence."

If everything goes according to plan, the inclusive care flat-share should be launched in the course of the coming year. Much to the delight of Tom, the Derksen family and the lion hearts.

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