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How to install Android apps without Google's Play Store

By Adrian M├╝hlroth | January 21, 2020, 5:04 p.m.

The Google Play Store is just one of many ways to install apps on Android smartphones. This guide shows you how to download and install apps from the Internet.

Did you know that there are alternatives to the Google Play Store? With Android smartphones, you can easily install apps from other stores or even download them directly from the Internet. TECHBOOK reveals how it works.


Before we can start, the installation of apps from external sources must first be permitted in the security settings of your Android smartphone. Under Android Oreo like on the Google Pixel 2 you have to select the menu item Apps & notifications and select the option in the advanced options Special app access to open.

At the very bottom is the point Install unknown apps which lists all apps that can be used to install apps from external sources.

Depending on which browser you are using (e.g. Chrome), click on the corresponding entry and activate the option Trust this source.

This option is a bit easier to find on older versions of Android. Open the Settings app and select the menu item Security & location. This menu item has different names depending on the manufacturer, so you may have to search for it. In Security Settings, scroll down to the option Unknown sources and activate it. You now have the option of installing alternative app stores on your Android smartphone or downloading apps directly from the Internet.

How do I install an app that I downloaded from the Internet?

Apps can be downloaded both on the smartphone and on the PC. The apps are available on the Internet as Android Package Kits (APK) and must be installed after downloading before they can be used. If an app was downloaded directly with the smartphone, the APK file must be found in the Downloads folder using the file manager. If your smartphone doesn't have a built-in file manager, you can simply download one from the Google Play Store. The installation process begins with a click on the APK file.

You must confirm the installation before the process can be completed.

After the installation is complete, the app can be accessed directly by clicking on to open be started.

If you download an app with your PC, you must first copy the APK file to your smartphone. The easiest way to do this is with a USB cable, as the smartphone should be displayed as a mass storage device. In some cases, you need to pull down the notification bars and find the line "Android System". To access the memory, select, open the entry and select Data transfer out. Then simply create a folder in the smartphone's memory and copy the file into this folder so that it can be easily found in the file manager later. The installation process is the same as downloading with the smartphone.

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Alternatives to Google's Play Store

There are a number of alternative app stores that can be used in place of the Google Play Store. In addition to the Play Store, the Amazon App Store has the largest selection of apps and uses Amazon Coins as an alternative payment system. The coins can either be bought or earned by installing certain apps. The Amazon App Store cannot be found in the Google Play Store, so you will need to download the app yourself. You can find the link for this here.

Download apps directly from the internet

Android not only allows the installation of alternative app stores, but also the installation of apps that have been downloaded directly from the Internet. The APKMirror site offers a huge selection of free apps, some of which cannot be found in the Google Play Store. Older versions of some apps can also be found.

Be careful when installing apps from the Internet

However, caution should be exercised when downloading apps from the Internet. Apps in the Google Play Store are scanned for malware by Google's Play Protect, but this protection does not apply to apps from other sources. A virus scanner like Kaspersky Mobile is therefore essential.

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