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10 business ideas that you can start from home with little equity

Many people play with the idea of ​​starting their own business in the course of their lives. Usually it is the desire to be less controlled by others. In addition, many hope for more flexibility in terms of time and a higher income. What is often missing is the brilliant idea and the necessary start-up capital. In the following, we present 10 business ideas that you can start with little equity and usually even part-time.

If you start your own business part-time, you reduce the risk that your own existence is immediately threatened in the event of failure. This is especially important for those who may still have to provide for a family or have other financial obligations. However, everyone should be aware that setting up a part-time business involves significantly less free time and a lot of additional work. But if the proof of concept has been provided, i. In other words, the business idea was successfully implemented and you can start full-time self-employment with a significantly reduced risk.

Anyone planning to become self-employed in addition to their employment should definitely clarify this with their employer in advance and obtain permission from them. In addition, the secondary activity must be registered as a business (if necessary) and profits must be taken into account in the tax return.

Tip: We have summarized what you still have to consider if you are self-employed as a part-time job. Here you can find out which official and administrative procedures have to be observed when registering an ancillary business.

# 1 affiliate marketing with your own website

Anyone who is very familiar with the creation of Internet pages, likes to write and for whom the topic of search engine optimization is not a foreign word, can become self-employed as an affiliate marketer. In affiliate marketing, a website operator recommends a certain product to his readers on his website or blog and places a corresponding affiliate link on the product (or the shop). If he can sell the corresponding product via this link, he receives a sales commission from the shop operator.

It is advisable to choose a topic that you are interested in yourself and in which you can actually offer your readers added value. Readers will reward good content just as much as the search engine. In addition, the content creation should be preceded by an intensive keyword research. The product recommendations should also correlate closely with the topic.

The initial costs are very low and, if you already have a PC and Internet connection, are limited to domain registration and the annual hosting costs. In order to build a successful business, you should plan at least 10 hours a week - especially in the initial phase. Later this model can also develop into an excellent passive income.

# 2 Extra income as a blogger

The part-time job as a blogger also works in a similar way to the affiliate marketing described above. But while the above example relates to the creation of static content pages that should later rank well in the search engines, the operation of a blog is far more dynamic. Here you build up a loyal, loyal readership for yourself - mostly through articles that appear daily on a topic that you are well versed in. That is why the entry into part-time self-employment as a blogger is often a smooth transition from the previous hobby.

If you have built up a loyal regular readership with the blog, the income opportunities are far more diverse than with a pure affiliate site. As an influencer, you can, for example, place sponsored posts, place display advertising with the appropriate reach or sell eBooks or webinars as experts.

Here, too, the initial costs are limited to domain registration and hosting costs. However, you should expect 10 hours a week to generate good and relevant content for your target group.

# 3 e-learning expert

If you have extensive expert knowledge in a certain area, you can pass this knowledge on in the form of online courses and earn money with it. Because the area of ​​online training is playing an increasingly important role, more and more people are trying to expand their knowledge in this way. The area of ​​application is very broad and ranges from programming languages ​​and building instructions to fitness courses or personal development.

In the meantime, more and more platforms such as B. Udemy or Video2Brain on the market, which bring learners and experts together with their videos. For you as experts, this has the advantage that you will already meet a large group of customers. In addition, the platform takes over the entire billing process.

The start-up capital for the activity as an e-learning expert amounts to approx. 1,000 to 1,500 euros, which must be raised for a good PC, a camera and the corresponding software.

# 4 fitness coach / personal trainer

You should already enjoy doing a lot of sport in your free time, be fit yourself and enjoy working with people if you want to build up an independent part-time activity as a fitness coach. The activity can be carried out before or after work as a personal trainer or in small groups.

Alternatively, you can also offer your services in fitness studios, e.g. B. as a course instructor. In addition to your own above-average fitness, you should build up sufficient know-how in the areas of training methodology and nutritional sciences before starting, for example through training as a fitness trainer or personal trainer, which you can also complete part-time.

The entry costs depend on the type of training required and can range from 500 to 1,500 euros. In addition, you should also take into account marketing costs for start-up capital in order to make your own services known. Depending on the planned training, there may also be costs for training equipment.

# 5 photographer

Those who like to take photos professionally can turn their hobby into a lucrative self-employed activity, in which they can also start well on a part-time basis. The field of activity is broad and ranges from all-round service at weddings and other events to the creation of photos that are offered on special platforms for online purchase. Starting here is quite risk-free and your own business can be gradually expanded.

Right from the start, you shouldn't skimp on good equipment, as the competition - especially on the relevant sales platforms - is very high. So if the equipment has to be newly purchased, the entry costs for good camera equipment can be in the four-digit range.

# 6 Hardware repair service

Anyone who previously preferred to assemble their own PC instead of buying it or who has been repairing friends and acquaintances' PCs, smartphones and printers for years can start their own business with a corresponding repair service.

To start, all you need is a room for repairs (which you probably already have) and the appropriate tools. The start-up costs should therefore amount to a maximum of 500 euros. A good start is to start charging a small fee for the repair work that was previously free of charge.

# 7 wedding planner

If you have always had a high level of organizational talent and have great fun planning your own celebrations down to the smallest detail, then you should think about offering this service to others. There is a large market here in the area of ​​wedding planning. Very few couples want to mess around with all the little things on their most beautiful day in life that have to work so that the day is actually something very special. This is exactly where the professional wedding planner comes into play, who takes care of everything from the location, the guest list, the flowers, the caterer to the band.

The activity can be started very well as a part-time job with the implementation of a few events and, if successful, it can be gradually expanded. An activity usually begins with the organization of the wedding for friends and acquaintances. The start-up costs are low, especially if you already have a PC, phone and car. If the activity is expanded, however, costs for marketing, own office and possibly a company car should be planned.

# 8 music teacher

Musical talent and a very good command of at least one instrument are good prerequisites for part-time self-employment as a music teacher. Since the lessons mostly take place in the customer's premises, nothing more is required than your own instrument to start. If you want to expand your activity later and teach larger groups, you should have a suitable (soundproofed) classroom.

At the start of the activity, the cost is a few hundred euros as well as your own musical instrument.

# 9 SightRunning

“Experience the city in a different way”: This is what SightRunning offers tourists and business travelers who jog through the city with a city guide and see sights presented “in quick format”, so to speak. Anyone who opts for this type of self-employed secondary activity should on the one hand be very familiar with their city, but on the other hand be fit enough to still have enough air in various speed ranges to offer their customers an exciting city tour without any problems can.

SightRunning can be done very well on the side, as the offer is often aimed at people who - if working in a city - can only take advantage of it in the off-peak hours. Anyone who chooses this path should invest a lot in their marketing, e.g. B. by working with urban tourism companies. A well-maintained website is also a must.

At the start, costs are mainly incurred for marketing activities and your own homepage, flyers or advertisements. Professional running equipment is of course mandatory.

# 10 Copywriter

If you like to write and want to earn some money on the side without running your own website, you can work as a part-time copywriter. You can get orders quite easily via the many online exchanges such as Textbroker.de or Content.de, which mediate orders between the client and the author.

However, the remuneration here is quite low, so that it is actually only a sideline job to improve the household budget. Higher remuneration can be obtained through direct contacts or through specialized agencies. However, usually only when you have built up a certain reputation as an author in a subject area.

The costs for starting part-time work as an author are very low and are limited to a PC, an Internet connection and a good writing program. The amount of work depends on the respective write jobs.

No idea of ​​your own for the step into self-employment?

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