What is rattan wood

What is rattan or rattan wicker?


Rattan is a Natural product, which is used to make woven furniture and baskets. The raw material is made from the East Asian rattan palm (also: called rattan palm) and describes the up to 200 m long lianas of these palm trees. The core of the woody shoots is also known as rattan. In addition to the term rattan, the words Stuhlrohr or Rotang are often used in German. Incidentally, rattan is one of the oldest woven fabrics in the world.

Manufacture of rattan

The strands of the rattan palm are harvested, cleaned and dried by hand. Depending on the intended use, the pipes are cut to size and sorted according to material thickness. The pipe can be split and planed to the desired dimensions.

However, before rattan can be further processed into a piece of furniture or wickerwork, it must be soaked in order to make the shoots supple and elastic.

Rattan: use and properties

Rattan is not only suitable for baskets or Chairsbut also for special ones Bed frame or garden furniture. In addition to being used in the furniture industry, thin rattan tubes can also be used to make canes, Sheets or carpet knockers.

Batons, which are used in various Asian martial arts, are also made from sturdy rattan wood. A particular form of use of rattan can be found in the music industry. Here rattan is used in the field ofInstruments processed into sticks.

Especially positive characteristics of rattan are:

  • Robustness and stability
  • long durability
  • elasticity
  • low density
  • water repellent
  • light weight
  • sustainability
  • fast renewable raw material

Rattan is not only one of the oldest, but also one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Products made from rattan have a long lifetime, are stable, durable and are lightweight, making rattan furniture easy to move around the room. The special winding tube is solid and not hollow in the middle. In addition, furniture and wickerwork made of rattan are always handmade.

Maintenance of rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is easy to maintain and can dry out Duster getting cleaned. So that rattan remains elastic, the furniture can be easily sprayed with an atomizer from time to time moistened become. Too much water is harmful, however, and rattan furniture that is used in the garden should be covered or covered with a tarpaulin in bad weather.