Which musical contains the song Memory


The song "Memory"comes from Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical" Cats "and is sung by Gwendolyn at the Bromptons' soiree.

The song [edit | Edit source]

The text of the most famous piece from Webber's musical comes from Trevor Nunn and is based on a poem by T.S. Elliot, Rhapsody on a Windy Night.

While all other pieces in the musical are based on Elliot's work Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats were written, both on poems published in it or posthumously passed on, Memory is a specialty. This song was only created during the work on the premiere and was the only piece to be based only loosely on a poem by Elliot, which in terms of content also has nothing to do with the Old Possum's Book has to do.

In the musical, the former sings firstGlamor cat Grizabella the song Memory, in which the cat, only a shadow of its former self, looks back on its past and its desire to start a new life. In Cats the song is sung several times, at the end of the musical it finally marks the climax and turning point of the plot.

In the gem trilogy [edit | Edit source]

At the Bromptons' soiree, Gwendolyn sings the song, accompanied by Gideon on the piano. Even if it was not to be written until 200 years later, it was already very well received by the 18th century audience. In her already slightly drunk state, Gwendolyn is considering adding another verse because she has so much fun with her performance, but she still leaves it at the normal version so as not to ruin the song.

Even if Gideon later tells her he hates musicals, it can Memory can be seen as a kind of turning point in the gemstone trilogy, since, according to Kerstin Gier, the time traveler may have fallen in love with Gwendolyn during that lecture. In this way he thwarted the Count's plans in a certain way, who although he wanted Gwendolyn in love with Gideon, did not expect the opposite behavior. In the end, the two stood together against the count and were able to expose his wrong machinations.

In the film it won't Memory sung, rather Time warp.