How do I send videos in Hangout

Apps / software Google Hangouts - What is it?


Hangouts is a communication tool from Google that lets you make video and phone calls in addition to sending chat messages. The service is a combination of other Google applications that have since been replaced by Google Hangouts. For example, Google+ Messenger, Google Talk and even parts of Google Voice are integrated into this one platform. Find out exactly what Hangouts can do below.

What can Google Hangouts do?

Google Hangouts is a communication platform from Google that allows you not only to send messages to other users online, but also to make video and phone calls. Similar to other online meeting tools, you can use Google Hangouts to hold meetings or host web conferences. You can do this via the smartphone app for Android and iPhone, as well as via your favorite browser on the computer.

In its basic form, Google Hangouts is a text messaging platform. When you open a contact, you can start composing a message right away. You can also easily send emojis, pictures and videos.

To make a phone call, use the appropriate button in the chat window to switch to making a phone call. You can make both video calls and just audio calls with Hangouts.

Here are a few more features of Google Hangouts:

  • Voice messages from Google Voice are stored in your account.
  • Text conversations can be up to 250 people.
  • 25 people can video chat together.
  • While on a call, you can still exchange text messages without interrupting the call.
  • In both the mobile and desktop versions, the microphone and / or camera can be deactivated at any time during the call without ending the session.
  • If you're struggling to experience a smooth Google Hangouts video call from a computer, you can adjust the bandwidth for outgoing and / or incoming video calls. You can also force only incoming audio to be shown, regardless of whether the attendees are showing video.
  • The link to a Google Hangouts call can be shared with anyone you want to add to the call. Participants only need to have a Google account.

Google Hangouts: pros and cons

The biggest advantage of Google Hangouts is that almost everyone now has a Google account - and that's all it takes to use the tool. The hurdle to get started is therefore extremely low. In addition, Hangouts offers the most important basic functions of a communication tool and is therefore suitable, for example, as an alternative to WhatsApp.

However, Hangouts cannot serve as a substitute for real online meeting tools. In addition, some important features are missing. For example, you can use Skype to share your screen with others and send messages at the same time - that doesn't work in Hangouts.

Another downside is that Google Hangouts isn't as well known as other messaging services. While many people have a Google Account and could use Hangouts with little effort, it's easier to find users on other platforms that have a larger user base.