What are great startups for web analytics

Startups in Marketing: Finding the Big Thing

Don't see digitization as a threat. Have the courage to try out new technologies such as speech recognition (voice), augmented or virtual reality, AdTech or big data. Offering customers real added value and adding digital perspectives to their own marketing in a meaningful way.

Even on the threshold of the 1920s, this is easier said than done for many brands and companies. They want to support an even larger number of start-ups with innovative software solutions - five were able to present their business models in a live pitch at the German Marketing Day.

“We started the market with zero two years ago and already have a number of customers that many are familiar with, such as the DFB and brands such as Congstar, Innogy, Kölln, Savencia and Beiersdorf,” says Ulf Lötschert from Chat specialist Loy Joy from Münster, who will later emerge as the winner of the round of five. “We create chats for all digital channels,” the founder continues.

Active in eight countries with five employees

As a partner of the consumer goods giant Beiersdorf, Loy Joy has already launched its software in eight countries, most recently in Nigeria. “You shouldn't forget that we are a company with five employees,” says Lötschert. His business model is to transfer "the entire customer journey into chats" and "the traffic from messangers into qualified leads". Even today, 90 percent of people who are on the move digitally can also be reached via chat. “So far, it's your family or friends, but not the company yet. We want to change that, ”says the founder confidently.

"The mountain of returns is not because we don't like anything, but because nothing suits us."
OneFID founder Timo Marks

The other start-ups in the competition also offer interesting solutions. Proctorio has developed an AI that enables educational institutions and companies to take exams via video chat, explains authorized representative Thomas Fetsch. This has already proven itself internationally - partners are elite universities like Harvard and corporations like Amazon - but in Germany it is still in its infancy. Opinary, founded in 2015, has developed an algorithm that makes the user dialogue on online media “scalable and yet personalized,” says Valerie Krämer from the Berlin start-up. Publishers could activate their passive readers by using the Opinary Tools by integrating thematically appropriate questions into the articles.

A goal of ten million active end customers

OneFID helps online retailers increase conversion rates, reduce returns and create customized marketing campaigns. “The mountain of returns is not because we don't like anything, but because nothing suits us,” says founder Timo Marks. His goal is also ambitious: "We want to have ten million active end customers by 2020."

1plusX, a "company founded by German founders in Switzerland", according to the boss and co-founder Jürgen Galler, is already working for large banks. According to its own statements, the big data specialist with at least 30 employees optimizes marketing services in the digital environment and already manages 600 million identities from all digital channels every day. Founder Galler plans to be profitable from next year and still sees a lot of growth potential: "The variety of channels will continue to increase, so companies must offer coordinated communication."