What is the best weather in Arizona

Arizona climate

In the state of Arizona one encounters a dry one Desert and semi-desert climate, that in north in a Steppe climate transforms. Depending on the altitude, Arizona can be hot to very hot in summer. The average temperatures are between 30 and over 40 degrees Celsius, and peak values ​​of over 50 degrees Celsius have already been recorded. The winters are mild in the lowlands, only colder at high altitudes.

The proximity of the Rocky Mountains ensures high day / night fluctuations in temperatures. At night it is on average 15 degrees colder than during the day, in summer as in winter. The annual rainfall is between 100 and a maximum of 500 mm. This results in a low level of humidity, which makes the heat of the summer months a little more bearable. The most raining it in months July to November.

Arizona is extremely rich in hours of sunshine. The capital of the US state of Arizona, Phoenix, is located in the "Valley of the Sun" and has 325 sunny days a year. Yuma, located in the south on the Colorado River and not far from the border with Mexico, is even the sunniest place in the world with around 4000 hours of sunshine. It almost never rains in Yuma: an average of 85 mm per year.

In the north, dominated by the Colorado Plateau - this is also where the Grand Canyon is located - it is noticeably cooler. Significantly more precipitation falls here, in winter also as snow.

Best time to visit Arizona

It's best to travel in Spring or autumn to Arizona. Then it is already pleasantly mild, but not too hot. In many places you won't have to unpack your umbrella, especially in spring. A jacket for the sometimes cool evenings should be taken with you as a precaution.
Even if the residents of Arizona boast about the abundance of sunshine in their state, in July and August they avoid leaving their air-conditioned buildings or cars if possible.
Winter sports enthusiasts can indulge in their hobby in the north near Flagstaff in the Arizona Snowball winter sports center. Flagstaff is cold and snow reliable in winter. Tourists from the USA, especially from Arizona itself, love to go to Flagstaff in the winter.

Climate table Arizona:

Arizona climate: Flagstaff

Climate Arizona: Phoenix

Arizona climate: Tucson

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