Foreign politicians respect Donald Trump

Trump in the UK : Queen receives US President Trump and First Lady Melania

The US and Great Britain are still striving for an "ambitious" trade agreement, according to British Prime Minister Theresa May. May announced this after her meeting with US President Donald Trump on Friday at her country estate Checkers. Before his meeting with May, the US president had questioned such an agreement because of the head of government's Brexit policy.

May also said she agreed with Trump that dialogue with Moscow must come from a position of "strength and unity".

Trump also speaks about Russia

Trump said during the joint press conference that his administration was "far harder than anyone" against Russia. "We were extremely tough on Russia." That being said, "it would be" fantastic if we could develop a relationship (with Putin), "he added. The US President will hold a summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time in Helsinki on Monday.

The Brussels summit of the NATO military alliance, which ended on Thursday, also took a hard line towards Russia. The heads of state and government affirmed, among other things, that they will not recognize the "illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea". The summit also accused Russia of "attempting to meddle in electoral processes", "widespread disinformation campaigns and malicious cyber activity". The alliance remains open to a dialogue with Moscow.

Queen receives the Trump couple

Queen Elizabeth II received US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania at Windsor Castle. The 92-year-old monarch welcomed the two of them late on Friday afternoon with military honors in the courtyard of the palace. She had waited there for several minutes at first. However, it was initially unclear why the delay occurred.

The Queen smiled as she shook hands with the US President and First Lady. She wore a royal blue coat with a matching hat. A black purse was tucked under her arm. Trump appeared in a blue suit with a striped tie. First Lady Melania wore a cream colored costume. Guardsmen in red uniform played the American national anthem.

The US president again criticized German gas imports

US President Donald Trump has once again sharply criticized German gas imports from Russia. "It's terrible what Germany is doing, it's a terrible mistake," said Trump on Friday after meeting British Prime Minister Theresa May at her country home in Checkers. While his country is striving for "peace in the world", Germany is paying "billions of dollars into the Russian coffers".

US President Donald Trump had previously caused a scandal with an unprecedented broadside against British Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump criticized the ailing Prime Minister in an interview with the tabloid newspaper "The Sun" for her Brexit strategy and threatened her with the failure of a possible trade agreement between Great Britain and the USA. He also praised her rival Boris Johnson.

"I did not criticize the prime minister"

After the interview with the British tabloid, Trump felt that he was misrepresented. "I have not criticized the prime minister," says Trump. The interview was "fake news".

At the public opening of a meeting on Friday afternoon, Trump and May tried to maintain the appearance of normality. Neither the US president nor the prime minister responded to the scandal. Trump said US-UK relations were "very, very strong". The UK Prime Minister said there was a lot to talk about. "We're going to talk about the special relationship between the UK and the US, which is great." They both met at the Checkers Manor. Later they wanted to give a press conference.

The interview apparently took place before the NATO summit

According to the "Sun", the interview took place on the Wednesday before the NATO summit in the US embassy in Brussels. The newspaper from the media empire of Robert Murdoch, who is said to have a great influence on Trump's politics, only published excerpts from the conversation on Thursday evening - shortly after May received Trump for a festive gala dinner at Blenheim Palace near Oxford.

The timing was hardly chosen by chance: the dinner was supposed to be about convincing Trump that negotiations on a trade agreement with London for the time after leaving the EU would start soon. With the prospect of deals like this, the British government tried to appease opponents of Brexit. In her welcoming speech, May was still enthusiastic about the "unprecedented possibilities" of such an agreement.

The fact that Trump is now in such a parade in the interview weakens the politically already badly damaged Prime Minister. It was only on Monday that Brexit Minister David Davis and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson resigned in the dispute over the strategy in the negotiations with Brussels. May's Brexit plans include a free trade area and a customs agreement with the EU. She desperately needs to sell the Trump visit as a success. But that should be difficult now.

"I would have done it very differently"

Instead of backing May, Trump once again praised her adversary Johnson, whose resignation he noted with "great regret". He did not want to play the two off against each other, he emphasized - but then a statement followed that can be interpreted as a full broadside against May. "I'm just saying I think he would be a great prime minister."

Trump said too close ties to the European Union after Brexit would mean that the US would have to negotiate with the EU again on a trade deal with the UK. "So it will probably kill the deal," he added, referring to a possible UK deal with the US. "We have enough trouble with the European Union, we are taking action right now against the European Union because they have not dealt fairly with the United States in trade."

Trump commented on May's Brexit strategy with the blunt words: “I would have done it very differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn't listen to me. ”Instead, May seems to have done the opposite. "That is fine, she should negotiate as she can best." The agreement sought by May is no longer what the British would have voted for in the referendum.

Trump's spokeswoman Sarah Sanders published a brief statement on Thursday evening in which she downplayed the statements. "The President likes and respects Prime Minister May very much," it said. Trump is grateful for the "wonderful" reception he got in Great Britain.

A Secretary of State in the UK Foreign Office also downplayed the affront on Friday. Trump's remarks were not impolite, Alan Duncan told BBC radio. The US President was "very unconventional", but the atmosphere at the dinner on Thursday was "very special".

Trump also sharply attacked London's Mayor Khan

Trump also sharply attacked London's popular Mayor Sadiq Khan in the interview. Khan is an outspoken critic of the US president and spoke out against his state visit. "I think he did a very bad job on terrorism, a very bad job on crime," Trump said.

Khan on Friday defended approving a satirical protest against Trump. Activists raised a balloon about six meters high in the shape of a Trump baby in diapers over Parliament Square that morning. Critics had found the balloon offensive to Trump and called for the action to be stopped.

"Frankly, the idea that we are restricting the right to freedom of expression because a foreign politician might feel trampled on is a walk on the brink," Khan told BBC radio.

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets against US President Donald Trump's visit to the UK on Friday. Estimates by the “Stop Trump” initiative even spoke of “at least 250,000” demonstrators in London alone. There were also demos in other cities such as Belfast and Windsor. Several protest marches led through central London to the government district between Parliament and Trafalgar Square. The police announced in the afternoon that the square had reached its capacity. Several helicopters circled over the city center.

Trade unions, human rights activists and religious groups called for the demos. You accuse Trump of sexism, racism and hatred of homosexuals. With slogans like "Trump not welcome" or "Get rid of Trump" they vented their displeasure with the US president. "He has no respect other than himself," said an elderly lady who was carrying a sign that read "toxic" along with a skull and crossbones with Trump's hairstyle. But despite the anger at Trump, the overall mood was cheerful. Some participants marched through the streets dancing and singing.

Trump supporters have also announced a demo for Saturday. Supporters of the imprisoned right-wing extremist Tommy Robinson are also expected. The police issued strict requirements for this. A similar demonstration in London in June led to clashes with the security forces. (dpa)

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