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DAK and Hamburg Münchener together as "DAK - Unternehmens Leben"

DAK and HMK have already cooperated in the past and in some cases used joint offices. As the larger partner, DAK brings around 6 million insured persons and a budget volume of around 16 billion euros into the merger, while HMK has around 300,000 insured persons and a budget volume of around 900 million euros. The service is to be further improved for the insured of both health insurances, the local contact persons will be retained.

"With the merger we want to strengthen our position as a quality leader," explains DAK CEO Herbert Rebscher on the occasion of the announcement of the merger plans. "The Hamburg Münchener Krankenkasse is a partner that is well positioned and has the same philosophy as the DAK in terms of performance profile, service and customer orientation." At HMK, too, they are confident that they have found the right partner: "Both health insurers are currently seeing a significant increase in membership. With the merger, we are strengthening our position in the market and will be even more successful," comments Dieter Baltzer, CEO of Hamburg Münchener Krankenkasse , the decision.

According to the company, the move will also secure the jobs of all employees at both health insurers, and there will be no redundancies due to the merger.