What does a surveyor do

Surveying when building a house - how does it work?

MyHammer explains

Many builders are unclear about the function of the measurement in building houses. The data obtained are necessary for financing, planning and construction.

When which measurement is necessary

In general, it must first be established where the property boundaries run. If the property is not yet recorded on the cadastral map, a surveyor must measure it. The same is necessary if the shape of the property changes. The entry of a land charge is only possible if the building plot is entered in the real estate cadastre.

Before the actual planning, the architect needs precise data on the size of the property and the slope. The official property map is usually not sufficient, so an exact measurement is now necessary. The architect creates a construction drawing and enters the planned building into the plan of the property.

The building authority checks, among other things, whether the construction is within the prescribed limits and issues a permit for construction. In the next step, the rough staking out takes place in order to excavate the construction pit.

For the construction of the foundation, a fine stakeout is necessary, in which the outer edges of the structure are marked with a batter board. The surveyor also carries out these two tasks.

After the house has been built, a further measurement is required. The building survey ensures that the real estate cadastre provides complete evidence of all structures.

Who can measure when building a house

Since the measurement corresponds to the creation of official documents, only recognized surveying offices are allowed to carry them out. The land registry offices usually have lists of publicly appointed surveyors who can be requested. The costs for surveying are subject to the survey fee regulations; they can vary in the individual federal states and are roughly in the following range:

The creation of the official site plan in triplicate costs 900 euros, an object-related site plan that takes the building into account costs around 240 euros. A precise position and height check and the final building measurement cost 600 euros. The rough and fine staking out costs around 300 euros.

In addition, a fee of EUR 220 must be paid for the measurement documents. The surveyors levy 19 percent VAT on these net amounts.

Measurement is required by law

It's more than a chore when building a house. The work ensures that a structure is created in the right place.