Why is Selena Gomez a gay icon

This guy recreates legendary covers of our icons as a gay parody

We all have our divas. Be it Kim, Britney, Paris, Beyoncé or Lindsey and we all know their legendary covers on the covers of the world. This guy is now recreating some of those iconic images in a gay parody.

The gay blog Cocktails and Cocktalk is the go-to place for revelations and falsely published nude photos of stars. One of the writers of the blog, Anthony Gilét, has now dared to look in front of the lens to portray Beyoncé, Rihanna, Madonna or Britney Spears in his own way. It could be that Britney has the Grindr app open on her cell phone or Madonna is sniffing strange substances. Very funny and creatively implemented.

Model: Anthony Gilét
Shot by Phil O'Connor.

All props provided by Clonezone and Expectations.