Is Seth MacFarlane gay

5 Naked Facts About ... Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane, mastermind of the drawing series Family Guy, has hit the big screen with the comedy Ted. Time to imagine the man in more detail: in the form of 5 naked facts.

Seth MacFarlane is a very busy man. After his success with the politically far from correct cartoon series Family Guy, in which he also shone as a voice actor, and his appearances as a host in various roasts (known primarily for the public exposure of Charlie Sheen), he now has a live-action Film shot. Ted with Mark Wahlberg is coming to German cinemas this week and tells the story of the relationship between a grown man and his teddy bear, whose capricious lifestyle and rude choice of words stand in stark contrast to his cute appearance. Of course, Seth MacFarlane insisted on speaking the voice of the cheeky teddy bear himself. When this man hits the big screen, it's time to learn a little more about him: 5 naked facts.

The 1st Naked Fact: Seth MacFarlane drinks in public
In the pseudo-absent-minded United States, that's almost an affront. Seth MacFarlane is known for almost always having a glass of whiskey when performing in public. In an interview, TV presenter Bill Maher asked him if he was so shy that he had to drink up courage when appearing in public. But Seth MacFarlane actually has other reasons: with alcohol ‘It's just more fun’. (

The 2nd naked fact: Seth MacFarlane survived 9/11
With a lot of luck. On September 11, 2001, Seth MacFarlane was in Boston and had booked a flight to his home in Los Angeles. Because he had drunk too much the night before and his agent had given him the wrong departure time, he just missed boarding time. The plane that took off without him is the first of the two planes that terrorists used to destroy the World Trade Center in New York. (omg-facts)

The third naked fact: Seth MacFarlane is committed to homosexuals
Seth MacFarlane is an ardent supporter of equal rights for gay partnerships. The decisive experience that inspired him to get involved was the comment of a relative who asked whether the homosexuality of one of Seth MacFarlane's cousins ​​could not be cured. Seth MacFarlane was outraged by such views within his family. Because of this commitment and because the Family Guy maker is still single, rumors about his own homosexuality persist. Here are two pieces of news for the arch-conservative tabloid press. First, a man who has a neat hairstyle, shaves and washes is not automatically homosexual. Secondly: Who cares? (

The 4th naked fact: Seth MacFarlane is the new Frank Sinatra
Family Guy fans have already thought that, whether of the many excursions into the musical genre. Seth MacFarlane is considered an extremely talented pianist, but he also cuts a fine figure when it comes to singing. No wonder his singing teachers, the Sweetland couple, had already taught Barbra Streisand and Frank Sinatra. The latter was his inspiration for the big band album Music Is Better Than Wordswhich was released in September 2011. He then performed with his orchestra in such illustrious places as the Royal Albert Hall in London or Carnegie Hall in New York. (Wikipedia)

The 5th naked fact: Seth MacFarlane lives in the past
In an interview, Seth MacFarlane's friend Alex Borstein unpacked: If the Family Guy mastermind is at home, then he is living in the past. He doesn't own a computer, hardly ever watches TV and is not interested in modern music. He is therefore impossible to reach him at home by email and Seth MacFarlane still does not understand Myspace to this day. Everything was better in the past. (