Might beat Silver's Rayleigh Kataguri

Chapter 879 - "Candy Commander, Katakuri"

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    Genso wrote:

    @ eagle1989 I actually want to agree with you, but 'All Out' is actually impossible, as you say yourself, unless you unexpectedly receive support, e.g. B. Sanji about a mirror on Cacao Island, but it actually has something to do itself. Luffy can't afford 'All Out' like against Doflamingo, if only because of the other Big Mom Pirates in the Spiegelwelt.

    But I think it's good that Katakuri is now shown invincible, after all, he's number 2 after Big Mom and Luffy also got a beating from Cracker, so why should that be any different a short time later against Katakuri who is clearly about crackers?

    I think Luffy is being forced to show something new and no, I don't mean Gear 5. I would love if Luffy shows something with his devil fruit that can make Katakuri look old.
    I'm sure that no gear 5 will come, Sanji will finish the cake so far so that it only has to be baked, then he looks in a mirror by chance and watches the fight and comes to the rescue at the last moment when Luffy does his 10 minutes again Need a break. Since Sanji is known to have fire under his shoe, he will be able to keep Kata in check for 10 minutes and then defeat him together.
    At the same time, the cake will be ready and big mom will fall into a coma.
    Pero will stay over, but I still have no solution, maybe the rest of the crew will take care of him
    No, I think it will turn out differently, even with the help of Sanji, you will not be able to defeat Katakuri, the guy is a devil who plays a different league than Doflamingo and co., That was to be expected from someone with over 1 billion bounty, what the straw hat gang what could save now would be the arrival of Dragon, Shanks or Kaido, who for me are among the strongest characters in One Piece. Ryokugyu could show up soon, maybe not the whole face appear rather in the same shade as Jack's first. For me the logical variant. P.s I still think Ryokugyu is a woman
    Three "catastrophes" of the 100-beast pirate gang

  • What the ... now that Luffy is getting serious problems for the first time in the New World, Dragon should suddenly appear? And then Dragon slaps Big Mom ??? Imo there is no one who can save our SHB here ... except for themselves and any allies, such as the army of the Vinsmokes (they could only take care of cannon fodder, however).

    No no, no one will save the gang. I am more than ever convinced that Oda has taken a clear path here that should definitely satisfy everyone. We all doubted a bit how Luffy would defeat BM. So Oda goes the way and lets Luffy "first" only defeat the first commander. A logical structure, in addition, Katakuri has a KG of a proud billion. The perfect opponent and what is Oda doing? Makes him the perfect enemy, gives him exactly the worst TF there can be against a rubber man. Luffy fights against his better self (reminds me of a scene from Legend of Zelda in which you fight Dark Link ...).

    We're all hyped because Luffy will be a better Luffy after this fight. Finally an opponent who wounds him !!! The Rob Lucci of the new world. At that time, Luffy Lucci was superior in all respects. Only with Gear 2 could he hold a candle to Lucci and it was the perfect exchange of blows. That's exactly how it looks now. Gear 2 and 3 ... no chance (how unexpected, was the same against Mingo and Cracker ... why does Oda always build this in? Does Luffy constantly level these skills up?). Gear 4 will come next ... with a similar result I guess.

    I'm pretty sure that Luffy will have to optimize his TF in its innermost way in order to win. AWAKENING! Anything else would be a huge disappointment. No interruption etc, now the fighting is going on and Luffy has finally made it to the top. Just before the level of an emperor. Possibly he can then deform his body in a similar way to Katakuri, including dissolving the body during attacks, Gatling with 20 arms, enlarging the Elephant Gun at will, just like Katakuri. How epic would that be, please. That would be a real AWAKENING, a new level.

    We will also see a third Gear 4 form for sure. But one sentence in particular sticks in my mind: "There is nothing you can do that I cannot." Oh oh there is someone but cocky Dear Katakuri, as far as I know, you can't fly around like a rubber ball. So I dare to predict: Luffy will show all Gear 4 forms, he will be equal, etc., a very brutal fight a la Enie's lobby. But in order to really defeat Katakuri (and that's what I'm assuming now) Luffy will need his awakening, so he will take his TF to a new level and I can imagine that it also affects his surroundings. So I can already see in front of my eyes how Luffy bounces through the room in Gear 4 (like Bellamy) with a monkey tooth, which Katakuri will then have difficulty guessing and will be defeated in this way.

    As a result of the fight, Luffy is of course flat. So how can it go on? First of all, I hope that with the awakening of the fruit, Luffy has mastered G4 better and then can continue to run normally ... and of course maintain it longer. So he wouldn't lie motionless in the mirror world ... or maybe he would. But he won't beat Big Mom anymore, that should be clear to all of us.

    Rather, Big Mom will be defeated by the fact that her whole structure, her network etc. have been destroyed. [Possibly Sanii defeats smoothie with Jimbei - Dream off] Big Mom himself could fall into a deep sleep after the cake, Sanji could prove his culinary art and pudding could manipulate BM's memory. So BM would be relatively logically out of the game. And the SHB would have overthrown an emperor, so to speak.

    Conclusion: Oda builds one of the most epic fights, Luffy can then reach a new level again (despite Timeskip) and in the next step defeat a [weakened] Kaidou. Now, please, my interruptions etc., this is THE chance, Katakuri can also explain all of his special abilities. We learn how well you can develop your TF and how to perfect your Haki. Luffy would then have defeated another "disgusting" enemy after Cracker (perfect defense). Please Oda, take the chance !!!!!!

    I look forward to your opinion on my remarks.

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    No, I think it will turn out differently, even with the help of Sanji, you won't be able to defeat Katakuri, the guy is a devil who plays a different league than Doflamingo and co., That was to be expected from someone with over 1 billion bounty, what the straw hat gang What could save now would be the arrival of Dragon, Shanks or Kaido, who for me are among the strongest characters in One Piece.

    How do I imagine that? So Kaido, who hates Luffy and Law, comes to Whole Cake Island, goes there in a mirror, then defeats Katakuri. Then a quick bro-fist with Luffy and then leave, like "See you later Luffy, I'm preparing to get a beating from you?"

    What a quacko! I wouldn't downplay doflamingo either, he was already very close to the emperors and his bounty does not matter here either, because it has been frozen and bounty is not a measure of strength.

    Interesting how quickly some people write off Luffy and there is a direct cry for a new timeskip, after not even a few weeks in the new world and now against Katakuri he needs help from someone very strong again.

    Just give Luffy a two or three chapter and we'll see how the fight develops. I don't expect Luffy to stay behind either, because how should the story continue? Wano Kuni would then have to wait and we get a Luffy Rescue Arc.
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    For a long time, Oda has finally carved out a chapter that really has something to offer. It should now be clear to everyone that there will be no escape without BigMom falling. With this the question of the parliamentary group "Luffy will somehow flee" should be closed, this also applies to the chapter with "Pedro is alive". The statement by Jimbei also sums it up and it is not only aimed at Nami & Co but also at the naive readership among us. Even if the death of Pedro is a great loss, the humiliation of an emperor in front of everyone is even greater. I don't think BigMom will take this defeat on itself. So I'm curious to see how Sanji will change the situation for SHB in favor of it.
    The faction "Luffy will flee" never existed. There is the "SHB will flee and BM will not fall" faction and without reviving old discussions that BM falls in this arc has just moved a long way off. I don't know how Luffy vs. Katakuri ends. Luffy may well win with something new. But how exactly one would like to deduce a 100% fall of Big Mom from this chapter does not reveal to me. Precisely because Zeus and Prom were taken out of the game, the possibilities to prevent an escape have decreased again. A second coup and you first have a sufficient buffer. We all don't know how this will play out in detail, but a rough direction can definitely be identified. And the direction is Katakuri as an arc opponent and Big Mom only as a factor that limits the time for action and not as a direct opponent.
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    ... This is exactly how it looks now. Gear 2 and 3 ... no chance (as unexpected, was the same against Mingo and Cracker ... why does Oda always build this in? ...
    Even if the structure of the fight seems very familiar at the moment, one should differentiate a little here.

    Luffy vs Doffy:
    Doffy has made it clear that Luffy's Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd make certain compromises. While Luffy's Gear 2nd can keep up with Doffy's speed, in this mode he lacks the power to inflict damage on Doffy. It is the other way around with Gear 3rd. In this state, Luffy's strength is enough to keep up with Doffy, but then he lacks the speed. Gear 4th was then the necessary means to outperform Doffy both in terms of strength and speed, which is why Gear 4th made Doffy look quite old (see manga and not the anime version of the fight).

    Luffy vs Cracker:
    Cracker was designed entirely for armor hooks from the start, which is why even Gear 3rd could not cause any damage. Even against Gear 4th Cracker was able to shine defensively and survive the individual time windows in which Luffy could use the version. It took a rethink, and Luffy used Tankman to defeat Cracker. In the fight with Cracker, however, I would mainly like to point out that Cracker was a proverbial tough chunk defensively, but in terms of speed, it may not come close to Luffy (in my opinion, no statements were made on this).

    Luffy vs Kataluri
    Katakuri, on the other hand, shows Luffy that he is faster than Gear 2nd and stronger than Gear 3rd. Gear 4th shouldn't be the deciding factor against Katakuri either, as Luffy simply has to struggle with the time limit here (unless Luffy shows a new Gear 4th version, which has an advantage over Mochi). I think a Gear 5th is still premature, as this version should pull even more of Luffy's strength and accordingly only last 10 seconds.
    So I'm guessing the first signs of awakening, which may help Luffy to run Gear 4th longer and bring additional bonuses.

    By comparing Luffy vs Doffy, Cracker and Katakuri I want to go on two points out:
    1. There are significant differences in the way Luffy's challengers deal with Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd.
    2. It actually makes a lot of sense that Luffy doesn't go all-out straight away. Luffy has always been called a "battle genius" because of the fact that he adapts to his opponents. If he were to go directly to Gear 4th, he would have to get to know and defeat his opponent in the 10 minutes that he has until Gear 4th runs out. By using Gear 2nd and 3rd, he can first analyze his competitor and then find the necessary solution with which he / she can defeat him / her. Precisely because it has different versions of Gear 4th, it is relevant to know in advance which of the versions is the most suitable.
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    I don't see arrogance. Katakuri already saw a lot of Luffy. In addition, Kata is an experienced fighter.

    But Luffy will improve and get a level boost.

    The statements of the Sunny Crew was also a foresharing ... maybe. they wondered why they are so weak and that means they have to get stronger. You might see an improved crew on Wano

    How, when and why should Luffy get a boost? I mean Luffy dug his own grave.
    Luffy doesn't see his friends, so he won't see or notice when Nami, Chopper, Brook or whoever is
    about to be killed to get extra strength, freak out and go all in again.
    Luffy has no more strength left for a power-up. He cannot unlock the power of despair, anger or the like on his own.

    I think the fight is interrupted by a buster call (CP0), Big Moms freaking out or maybe even the cook himself.
    To put it in Pedro's words: "Everyone will get his or her time to shine"

    Luffy almost died gg Cracker, Luffy almost died gg Doffy and Katakuri does the Zoro with him. The guy tries hard
    not even in the slightest ... What power boost should Luffy help? (Or that reminds me of Kuma vs Zoro)

    I agree with you when it comes to forshadowing. The crew will get a power up until the next arc. Nami probably with Zeus.
    The arc is very similar to Water 7 when the crew had no chance and Luffy said in the fight against Bruno
    that he was too weak to protect his friends and then unpacked Gear 2.
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  • The direction Oda is taking here is a very positive point about this arc. The ignorance of whether the straw hats will beat Big Mom now or whether they will ultimately flee makes the whole process really exciting. But at the same time, Oda rapes characters like Sanji or Chopper by not only robbing them of screen time, but also depicting them as a kind of "obstacle" that simply stands in the way of the straw hats. Chopper could have torn a little more in his Beast Mode instead of getting in the way of the rest. Chiffon & Pudding would also be able to bake a cake without Sanji, which Big Moms Creepy Mode would have toned down a bit. Instead, Sanji would be of greater use if he hadn't parted with the rest. With this course of the story, Oda only achieves one thing. He is relocating the battle site to Schoko Island, where Sanji and Perospero will most likely duel. I hope, however, that Sanji does not get an opponent like Perospero served on the platter, who not only benefits Sanji's abilities, but has also become a cripple on top of that. The muscle packages Oven or Daifuku would be better opponents for Sanji, so that our cook can finally shine and show how he wants to cope with his weak points - namely his weak physique. Nonetheless, that's one negative point about Whole Cake Island Arc that pulls this arc down a bit. Oda can only improve the situation a bit, but Oda literally screwed it up with these characters, regardless of whether they will still get their glamorous moments.

    Oda will also deal with the subject of Pound & his family in the next chapters. I bet that Pound and his daughters
    share a slightly larger backstory that still needs clarification. Germa's role in the coming chapters is still unclear, as is Pekom's attitude towards Pedro and the straw hats. Not to mention Pudding's position on her family and the straw hats. Will your family continue to accept pudding as a family member, or will they reject them? The second option would have other consequences. Will pudding accompany the straw hats on their journey or take a different route? These points still need to be resolved so that the arc can be completed in peace, apart from the fighting. Jimbei proves to us again and again how he can simply keep a cool head in the most difficult moments and keep making plans. Definitely the MVP of this arc. Brook had some cool moments, but also had a weak moment like in the previous chapters. In contrast to the fish man who just gives great speeches in chapters like this.

    The fight between Luffy and Katakuri is the highlight of the chapter.Katakuri's imitation of Luffy's skills and his way of teaching Luffy a lesson make Katakuri a real bad-ace. Just awesome! But at the same time the character is almost sorry that Luffy is going to teach him the lesson here. Never underestimate your opponent while he still has an ace up his sleeve. Just like this cheek, Luffy will ultimately reject Katakuri and subdue him. An awakening is still too early for our straw hat. Because the Gear 4 has not yet been fully exhausted and Luffy has not yet gone all-out in this mode. Furthermore, one must consider the circumstances how one can awaken a devil fruit. As long as we fans can't find the answer to the question of how to awaken a devil fruit, this option should be pushed aside. Certain tools / objects or some other type of training may be required to awaken the fruit. I'm speculating that Luffy will use his third form of Gear 4, which is more geared towards the offensive. Bounce Man is the all-round form, the Tankman is a defensive variant and perhaps the Speedman is the offensive variant. In this state, Luffy can increase strength & speed to the maximum and execute attacks so quickly that Katakuri cannot defend himself and is his observation hookah for a snot. When asked how he's going to use this shape, I guess Luffy just has to combine Gear 2 and Gear 4. The air evaporates in his body and heats his rubber body, his blood circulation runs at full speed and in a combo with hardening the Speedman is created. But one thing should be clear to every fan. There is no escape for our straw hat. Luffy has to win this fight for his honor as the future pirate king and for the protection of his friends.
  • Somehow I get the feeling that even after 20 years some people still think the One Piece is just like Dragonball. But just the opposite is the case and that's why I read One Piece and have turned my back on Dragonball.

    I'm also surprised that Katakuri finishes up in this chapter, although this really isn't the first time. The best example is the fight against Rob Lucci in Eni's lobby. Here Luffy had to put in a lot of gear 2 and 3 despite the new skills. This fight is very popular with almost everyone and is often referred to as the best fight in the series. I think the current fight against Katakuri uses this pattern and has the potential to build on it.

    Furthermore, since the Cracker Fight there have been repeated discussions that Luffy cannot win his fights alone and always needs help and here too there is a chance to silence these critics.

    @CallMeSensei! I think you are a bit too harsh with Perospero and I find 'cripple' the wrong word here, especially because, as suspected in chapter 878, he has already made a sugar protesis for himself and an approximately 700,000,000 berry pirate is still a caliber, if he becomes Sanji's opponent, because otherwise he only gets the windfall and you will surely agree with me that a Sanji would have no chance against smoothie, which is currently somewhere else anyway, just like Daifuku and Oven. In any case, a lost arm is nothing that can stop you, see Shanks.
  • Katakuri is so fucking awesome. That's even more impressive than Cracker versus Luffy. But that also puts Oda in a bind. Katakuri is so dominant that Luffy will need a power-up. But even if he gets one, we know the effects of Gear 4 and we remember the fights against Lucci, for example. Even with the unlikely victory, Luffy will be completely exhausted. But is surrounded by enemies and cut off from his friends. So even a victory would be meaningless.
    Since Oda has catapulted a bit into a quandary. In both directions
  • Luffy will defeat kataguri either with his full strength or a new technique.

    Don't assume Big Mom will fall here but we'll see another twist I think once the cake is made.

    Leaving a protagonist in a hopeless situation with the feeling that he has no chance I've known Oda long enough.

    But the face on the penultimate page where Luffy gets in the face reminded me directly of the fight against Rob lucci.
  • after i have read the chapter a second time and also read everything here in the forum i will get rid of my thoughts

    so first the cover that was really too cool ^^

    so i like jinbei more and more and am happy that he is finally there, his approach was really amazing

    also peros is really in the mood for more hope sanji gets him or what I could imagine would be a 3VS1 against him
    chopper, brook and carrot against perospero that would also be cool and sanji probably gets daifuku with that I would be completely satisfied and so they could all improve to be able to act better in the wano arc

    and now to the fight between katakuri and luffy
    I think it's really awesome that luffy is totally exhausted and he is shown how to do it right and we know ruffy learns a lot from every fight what he can use and improve and I also think that he will defeat him but what many say he will be knocked out for 10 minutes his what got me thinking
    I once said it was solved that way
    Katakuri is defeated by luffy with his last strength he switches off the rest through his KH as katakuri said 2 chapters ago himself if you don't go back you will be defeated by him and luffy his KH should be enough

    he rests for 10 minutes, (probably nibbles a little mochi from katakuri ^^) then grabs the unconscious brĂ¼lee as we saw in the last chapter, she is unconscious, and by chance he comes out with vinsmoks, why I have mine like that Thoughts I think the SHP will flee this time without ruffy and sail to wano, and ruffy is secretly on the reverie with because vinsmokes, because I have never thought of an arc where luffy did not appear from there he will sail towards wano and away he meets neko and marco or maybe weeble to warm up against him for kaido otherwise there is still a strain ^^

    how do you see it
  • A few more things about Spiegelwelt who says that the power of Brulle does not reach to Schoko Insel? I mean Bruno could open doors everywhere and there was this green dimesion everywhere .. If something goes on, Brulle TF Awakened Form could find a mirror in Mary Joa and Mary Joa march in .. The question is far Brulle TF is now, I guess Spread over 35 islands by Big Mom ...