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The digital world is finding its way into more and more areas of life. In order for the production of goods, the shipping of parcels, the transfer of money and the transport of people to work, intelligent systems must control the processes. Nothing works these days without a computer. The logic behind it is the core of our current life. Software applications are used to ensure that all processes function smoothly. These work together with the outside world, manage data and output the calculated results.

Software developers are responsible for programming. Different programming languages ​​are used depending on the industry, application and company. The most frequently used language is C. The popular operating systems Windows, Linux and Mac OS X were developed in this. C is therefore good at solving most problems, which is why companies should hire C developers.

In order for the developed programs to function smoothly, the C programmer must be perfectly trained. This article describes the different programming languages, explains how you can hire a C # developer and lists the C # developer salary.

What does a C developer do?

The programming language C was developed by Dennis Ritchie in the 1970s. But even today it is one of the programming languages ​​that is closest to the machine, i.e. the hardware. This means that it works with minimal resources and with high performance.

The C programming language works on practically every common platform. In addition, applications for operating systems can be developed, programs for controlling components can be written and communication between hardware and software can be established. Because the applications are small, fast, and reliable, they are popular for embedded systems. This is exactly why many C programmers are still wanted.

C is perfect for beginners because the number of keywords is relatively small. The language knows only 44 reserved words with which instructions are executed, with C ++ it is 60 and with C # even 79. Another advantage is that C offers rather few ready-made solutions, which means that the C ++ programmer has to develop a lot by hand. This is the best way to understand the basics.

To the disadvantage of beginners as programmer C, however, memory management must also be done manually. For experienced users, this is a blessing as the memory can be manipulated directly. It is because of how it works that the language is so fast. Since mostly no extensive libraries are integrated, but rather the C programming requires the manual creation of functions, the finished programs are usually very small.

A real disadvantage is that object-oriented programming is only possible through your own management of classes, encapsulation and inheritance. The C programming language is therefore mostly used as an intermediate code for communication between the higher-level programming language and hardware.

Due to the complexity, if companies want to hire C programmers, they must pay particular attention to qualifications. Only when you hire well-trained and experienced C developers can you get good results. Working with an agency is therefore particularly recommended, as the employees usually deliver particularly good results. You should pay more attention to the results than to the C developer salary, but more on that later.

C # developers vs C ++ programmers. comparison

With its name, C # implies a successor to C. But the actual successor to C is C ++, C # has a completely different concept. The main difference is that it is an object-oriented language. It is more likely to be seen as a competitor to Java. Junior C ++ developers in particular do not know all the differences in detail.

The object-oriented way of working, the automatic memory management and the large number of libraries make the C # programming language more interesting for applications and web development. In addition, events can be used to easily control the program processes. This eliminates the laborious use of function pointers. The biggest advantage is that the application developed by the C # programmer runs in a VM and thus executes managed code like Java.

Since the programming language is a Microsoft product, .NET is fully supported. Functions from it can thus be easily used. This makes it ideally suited for applications under the Windows operating system, for which C # developers are particularly sought.

If you want to hire a C ++ developer now, he or she should also be proficient in C # and C.

Technologies for C programming

Since the programming language C does not have many libraries, the employees have to bring an enormously broad knowledge for a good C programmer salary. C comes with a standard library. This contains several header files that contain macros and functions. This involves the manipulation of character strings, input and output and graphic user interfaces are supported.

An important further development in C ++ is the availability of numerous libraries. There are ready-made functions for a GUI, for input and output of data and for controlling various components. The C ++ developer salary depends largely on how well the programmer knows the language itself and the associated packages. This is the only way to create good work results. This is why the junior C ++ developer salary is significantly lower, as beginners first have to read the individual packages.

As a .Net language, C # is much more dependent on various technologies and frameworks. This significantly simplifies application development and makes it more convenient. However, the programs also get larger as they contain more unnecessary data.

Which frameworks does the C ++ programmer need to know?

In order for C ++ development to deliver good results, the C developer salary is appropriate and C # works smoothly, developers need to know the following frameworks and technologies:

In addition to these technologies and frameworks, C developers must have a generally good understanding of IT, the web and software. Basic knowledge of various operating systems and software is also helpful.

Hire C, C # and C ++ developers. tasks

Since software development in C, C ++ and C # is very versatile, virtually any software can be developed on all platforms. It does not matter whether it is small projects for IoT devices, large and extensive applications such as an operating system or the control of a machine has to be programmed.

If you want to hire a C programmer, you can give him the following tasks:

  • Develop backend solutions for servers, end users, web and office
  • Working with front-end developers in a team to create interfaces
  • Analyze IT processes, create architectures and determine customer requirements
  • Advising and looking after customers
  • Analyze existing applications, fix errors and optimize apps
  • Maintain, maintain and document processes
  • Test software

The specialization of C developers is the creation of machine-level applications. These experts are particularly useful for programming IoT devices and small circuit boards. If you want to hire a C ++ developer, the same tasks can be solved, but more in terms of complex solutions. But only C # developers are especially suitable for Windows applications and server apps.

The most important thing is that the employees hired are well trained and therefore deliver good results. When deciding on new employees, the salary is also an interesting criterion. The following section provides more information on how much the C ++ programmer gets. In addition, the salary of the C programmer is compared with the salary of the C ++ programmer.

How much does the C programmer and other developer earn?

Since the development of applications plays an important role in almost every company and C ++ programming is extremely important, software developers are in demand. For this reason, many C ++ programmers are currently being sought. For Windows-based applications, C # developers are more sought after. For companies, costs are very important and a crucial point. So that you know how much a C # developer in Berlin or a C ++ developer in Cologne earns, the following is an overview of the salaries.

Comparison: C developer salary | C # software developer wage | C ++ programmer costs

In Germany, the C programmer earns different amounts depending on professional experience, location and industry. Salaries between € 3.418 and € 4.862 per month are paid. It is important to understand that negotiating skills are also important. Career starters can also achieve a high salary if they can come up with good arguments for it. But also C developers with professional experience can get more out of it. In senior positions there are salaries of more than € 6,000 a month. But that puts Germany in the middle of the field.

In Switzerland, software developers with knowledge of C programming and C ++ programming earn an average of CHF 90,000. You earn significantly more as a C # developer in Nuremberg. However, the salaries can be even higher with increasing professional experience. For example, employees in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries earn significantly more.

In Austria, the salary also depends on the exact location, knowledge and company. A full-time C # developer can start with a salary of € 2.601 per month. After a few years, you will be earning € 4,335 per month.

In the UK, software developer salaries averaged just € 48,000 a year. Due to the current political situation, it is also difficult for companies and only possible under special conditions to hire suitable C programmers and C # developers. A C # developer in Hamburg usually earns more than in England.

By far the best software developers earn in the US. Due to the high number of startup companies, the generally higher salaries and generous investors, the prices for developers are particularly high there. They earn an average of € 90,000 a year. But after just a few years of professional experience or in leading positions, companies have to pay up to € 100,000 a year to keep the programmers. That is why many C # developers from Leipzig emigrate to the United States in order to receive a higher salary.

This comparison clearly shows that companies in Central Europe and the USA have to pay very high prices for C developers and C # programmers. Due to the high demand, many graduates are currently being trained at universities and technical colleges who do not necessarily have a good level of education. But many companies also have to take these candidates, because C # programmers are wanted and the positions otherwise remain unfilled. This leads to poor results, dissatisfied customers and an enormous amount of extra work for the entire team - despite the high costs. Let's look at the salaries in Ukraine in comparison.

The cost of living in Ukraine is significantly lower than in western countries. Therefore, wages and salaries are generally lower. Newcomers to the profession earn a low salary at just € 505 per month, but that is a good thing in Ukraine. With further knowledge and a few years in the job, the salary climbs up to € 2.683 per month. This is very high in Ukraine, but very low compared to Central Europe and the USA. A C # developer in Munich will always earn more than a programmer in the Ukraine.

For this reason, it is worth taking a look at other countries if you want to hire a C programmer. Ukraine in particular offers some advantages over other developing countries. On the one hand, the educational standards are very high. The graduates at the universities mostly have in-depth knowledge and can already demonstrate some practical experience. They are also highly motivated as the government provides a lot of support. The IT professions in particular are in great demand and popular. That is why there is a large selection of suitable candidates for companies.

But even with all these advantages, there are a few aspects to consider when looking for developers in Ukraine.

Hire a C, C #, or C ++ programmer? How to Hire the Perfect Programmer Now!

You can hire C # developers using different approaches. Local employees can be permanently employed or freelancers commissioned depending on the project. The difficulty with local experts is that they can usually not be used flexibly. These have to be paid even if there are no orders pending. In addition, the search is usually problematic because there are no suitable programmers in the immediate vicinity of the entrepreneurs.

Freelancers are better suited because they can be hired on a project basis. After the collaboration is over, the bill is settled and there is no further expenditure on social security, taxes or labor laws. Companies C can find developers from Ukraine on various job platforms and hire them at low cost. However, the profiles are not always correct and trustworthy, which means that the search is often time-consuming. Even after long research and numerous interviews, the work results are not always convincing.

The best way is to combine and extend these models if C ++ programmers are wanted. With remote teams that can theoretically be distributed around the world, entrepreneurs receive well-trained experts at affordable prices. Especially when the programmers are in low-wage countries like Ukraine, the costs can be extremely reduced. The dedicated remote teams only work for one client and usually sit in the same place. This means that there is good cooperation within the team and the work results are of high quality.

For example, if you want to develop an application with a special purpose then you can hire a PHP, Odoo, C ++, Java, .NET developer and others. You hand the details over to the staff and the team will start work. However, the team does not work in your office, but uses the agency's premises. If you have any questions and when the project is finished, the staff will contact you. Since the team only works for you, you can call meetings or even visit on-site at any time. This gives you control over the processes and influences the work result exactly as you imagine it.

C Hire developers with Mobilunity

There are numerous agencies that offer dedicated remote teams. But the agencies differ enormously in terms of quality and prices. There are high-priced companies that provide an excellent selection of employees. But the cost makes every project seem uneconomical. Other bargain-priced agencies give poor results and no support. With us - Mobilunity - on the other hand, companies get good labor prices at low prices, because we have optimized our processes as best as possible.

We make sure that our employees are well trained. Extensive tests and interviews in advance guarantee good results. The programmers use our well-equipped offices, which is why the work is done with vigor and full commitment. We also have experts who are available to answer any questions you may have about personnel and technology.

Not only can we be reached digitally via social media, e-mail and telephone, our customers can also simply visit their team on site. Due to the local proximity to Central Europe, our office can be reached within an hour's flight. The central location in Kiev even enables a clever combination of work and sightseeing - that is the exercise of work-life balance.

Mobilunity is therefore ideally suited because:

  • Well trained employees
  • Guaranteed good work results
  • Low costs due to optimized processes
  • Favorable geographical location, with which on-site meetings can be reached quickly
  • Dedicated teams that only work for one client
  • Communication in different ways

Would you like to implement your project as quickly as possible? Simply send us an inquiry using the contact form, an email or give us a call. We would be happy to advise you and support you in every way.

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