Should the death penalty be legal

In these countries there is the death penalty

Death penalties by country in 2020

no death penalty
only in special cases (e.g. war crimes)
Only suspended death penalty
The death penalty is imposed and carried out

The following table contains all countries where the death penalty was still allowed by law in 2020. All information comes from Amnesty International, whereby only proven cases were registered and evaluated.

* Note on China
The information for China corresponds to that of Anmesty International, but at the same time it is pointed out that these are only symbolic. Due to the secrecy of the actual number of cases, it is not possible to name correct values. Amnesty International and other human rights organizations, however, speak of several thousand executions per year.

Death penalty in Germany

In Germany, the death penalty was officially abolished in 1987. In the Hessian state constitution (valid since 1946 and to this day) it is even expressly permitted in Article 21. Although the article contradicts the Basic Law of 1949 and is therefore null and void - it shows, however, that the death penalty is not opposed too decisively in Germany either. The last execution in West Germany took place on February 18, 1949 in Tübingen. The last execution in West Berlin took place on May 11, 1949, in the former GDR on June 26, 1981.

The occupation status of the Allies, which provided for the death penalty for "criminal acts against the interests of the occupying powers", was still in effect for another two years. Although it was never imposed, it was at least theoretically valid until 1989.

Types of execution

The execution of executions always depends on the laws of the country in question. The most common types since the turn of the millennium are:
  • Electric chair (primarily in the USA)
  • Beheading (mostly in Saudi Arabia)
  • Hanging (mostly Muslim countries, as well as Japan and Singapore)
  • Execution (USA, China, North Korea, Somalia, Vietnam, etc.)
  • Stoning (due to Islamic Sharia law in Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia)
  • Lethal injection or gas chamber (China, USA, Thailand, etc.)