What do you like about dating

Questions to get to know

What questions do I ask on a first date to get to know him or her properly? Are there any embarrassing questions I'd rather avoid? Which questions are suitable for boys and which questions are more suitable for girls? How can questions be formulated in such a way that they are not annoying but exciting and funny and that I learn more from the other?

This article deals with the perfect questions for your date and how you manage not to have a small talk but a deeptalk at the first get-together with your date.

List with 67 introductory questions

  1. What was your favorite childhood activity?
  2. Do you have a favorite color?
  3. How did you get to this town
  4. What is your favorite place in the world?
  5. Have you ever traveled to the USA?
  6. How does Christmas go with your family?
  7. If you had $ 1 million in your bankroll and only a month to live, what would you do with the rest of your time?
  8. Were you more of a mother or father?
  9. What was your best birthday present?
  10. What do you love to do in life?
  11. What things are on your bucket list?
  12. Do you have siblings?
  13. What was your best trip?
  14. Do you do sports?
  15. What is your favorite movie?
  16. What was your first album?
  17. What kind of music do you like to listen to?
  18. What is your favorite book?
  19. What is your Shoe size?
  20. Are you more of a late riser or a real morning grouch?
  21. How was your driving test?
  22. What was the craziest teacher in your school?
  23. Did you have a favorite subject back then?
  24. What did you want to be when you were a little kid?
  25. If you emigrated, where would you move to?
  26. Do you sometimes watch the stars?
  27. Do you have a green thumb?
  28. Which animals do you like?
  29. What are your bad habits?
  30. What type of massage do you like the most?
  31. What do you wish for this year?
  32. When do you know that you fell in love with someone?
  33. What do you like to spend your weekends with?
  34. What's your favorite outfit?
  35. Do you remember your first kiss?
  36. How did you celebrate your happiest birthday so far?
  37. What was your favorite apartment so far?
  38. What items would you take with you to a desert island?
  39. Why would you fall in love with someone?
  40. What drinks do you like?
  41. What do I have to cook for you so that you can eat out of my hand?
  42. Have you ever done a martial arts?
  43. What is your favorite club
  44. What would you call your children
  45. What do you like to watch on YouTube and which channels do you subscribe to?
  46. Which type of ice cream do you like best?
  47. If you were an animal, which one would you be?
  48. How did you celebrate your last new year's eve?
  49. Do you have a spot where you're ticklish?
  50. Do you want to have your own house someday?
  51. Are you more of the dog or the cat type?
  52. What's the last thing you cooked yourself?
  53. Do you prefer wine or beer? And what is your favorite type?
  54. Do you have an ad that you find particularly funny?
  55. Did you have a Walkman back then?
  56. Will you tell me your favorite joke
  57. Are you still going to a concert this year?
  58. What was your favorite series as a kid?
  59. If you had enough money to buy every car, what would you drive?
  60. Have you ever made a family tree?
  61. Do you prefer to travel by plane or car?
  62. Have you ever done an extreme sport?
  63. What's your favorite chewing gum?
  64. Are you watching the simpsons
  65. What was your favorite in Pokémon?
  66. Which festivals do you like to go to?
  67. Do you have a local pub or bar that you always go to?

Do you already know THESE clever questioning technique from the following video?

Why you should ask questions on a first date

Asking the other questions is a sign of attention, interest. It is important that you don't just talk about yourself, after all, you don't want to have a monologue.

We have a perfect dialogue when the proportion of conversation between both is around 50 percent. So a real dialogue in which both have their say and feel good.

The timing - the right moment

The right question in the right place can ensure that you both feel a deeper connection (so-called rapport) and that you get closer intellectually.

Always be aware that it is not the expensive restaurant, the beautiful outfit, the reflecting river, the romantic music or the night sky full of stars that generate the perfect moment on your date, it is you yourself.

Don't blame external factors, like those around you, for creating a good atmosphere at your date. You yourself control the feeling that arises in you and in your counterpart.

Sometimes it can be a clever change in the topic of conversation that gets you in the right mood on the date and with which you score points with the other person and get ahead.

Pay attention to touch - asking the right questions is not all that matters

It is vital that you build touch to steer towards a first kiss or even sex. A good kissing moment can be created consciously.

Get yourself in the mood for this and make sure that you don't jump from 0 to 100, but first check with subtle touch whether your crush is also into you. If you sit next to each other knee-to-knee, for example, or fuss, you will notice relatively quickly whether the other person also wants more from you.

It is also helpful to hug each other every now and then, to take hands or to hook up.

Reading body language

You always get body language feedback on every touch. If it is too much for your counterpart, leave him or her room and laugh to ease the situation.

Divert attention away from the botched kissing moment, for example by asking an unexpected question and only carefully feel your way closer to the other after another block of conversation.

It often takes several attempts before the kiss occurs, which may have been due to a disturbing environment, a lack of attraction, a lack of familiarity, a stormy or awkward movement or the wrong mood.

Get to know each other first

But many singles understandably first want to know who they are actually looking at and how they have to assess their counterparts.

People need drawers to feel safe. Help them by initiating the right topics of conversation on the date with clever questions.

What to talk to him or her about on your date

It is better to try to address positive topics, because these of course also generate more positive feelings.

Avoid being a focus topic

  • death
  • poverty
  • illness
  • corruption
  • Hatred, anger and anger
  • politics
  • religion

Politics and religions are not negative issues. Nevertheless, the views here can be very polarizing. If you are strictly religious or very politically active, it is understandable that you want to get to know someone who shares your views.

However, if you do not attach great importance to this, you should avoid these topics, as they contain a lot of potential for conflict.

How you get the punch line in a story is always crucial. Of course you can tell about your deceased cat, the question is do you focus on how sad you were or how nice it was with her and what funny things she did back then? Better leave the other one with a nice feeling about your stories.

The emotional roller coaster ride is always more attractive

Stories add tension to your conversations. Make sure that you generate different emotions, for example by using the following narrative techniques:

  • Pictorial language: Decorate your stories in such a way that the other can imagine the scene exactly.
  • The act-out: Recreate the scene and characters in your story! Take her posture and disguise your voice.
  • Changing emphasis: Monotonous pitch is one of the fastest ways to lose your audience, so vary the way you speak.
  • Your narrative pace: If you speak too quickly, you are communicating the message to your counterpart: "I'm afraid of being interrupted because my content is boring, so I'll finish my sentence as quickly as possible". So take the time you need to do what you want to say. In addition: the slower you speak, the better the other person will understand what you are saying.
  • Extensive non-verbal vocabulary: Do you have a constant facial expression when you speak?
    Our facial expressions are one of the greatest transmitters of emotions, so use the rhetorical possibilities.
  • A lively gesture: Use your so-called rhetorical window
    (see also the following video):

Avoid the questionnaire:
Your date is not an interrogation!

Lots of people make the same mistake over and over again on their first date. You ask one question after another.

Of course, asking questions is a good way to learn more about the other person.

However, if you rattle off one question after the other, the other person quickly feels as if they are in the middle of an interrogation.

Therefore, make sure that you don't just ask one question after the other, but that you also repeatedly reveal things about yourself. This way, not only do you learn about them, but they also learn from you.

How to cleverly ask questions on your date in order to find suitable topics of conversation for two

The superlative questions

How to get the beautiful stories and best emotions of your counterpart

How to respond to critical questions from your date

Anyone who has just met someone fresh and is flirting has probably already had this experience: Suddenly, even though the mood was very good, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she asks a very unpleasant question.

Questions like "And how many women have you already spoken to today, apart from me?", "Do you drag women away every Saturday?", Or "You are pretty cheeky, so be a little more polite."

How can one (s) deal with such questions?

Very easily. The content of your answer is not so important here. Instead, the woman checks how you are now handling the situation. Does she manage to make you feel insecure and do you falter? Do you start to justify yourself and suddenly stammer uncertainly, “Well, no. Not really. Today I just wanted for once ... well. Address you, somehow. "

Or do you take the situation with humor and do not let yourself be disturbed at all? Do you just playfully answer "Sure, today I have already spoken to and seduced 13 women" and then skillfully change the subject?

Ask if there are two of you going into the apartment

Do you like it extremely well and would you like to take it home with you?

The most important thing here is how you package this question.

It is a good idea to hold out something here. For example, to have a bottle of wine on the balcony and enjoy the wonderful view.

It is tactically particularly smart to agree from the start that we will cook together later.

Questions about sex?

Questions about sexual preferences

Asking yourself questions on a date is extremely important.