What childhood passion do you still have

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Hello dear technician community,

I have produced a little bit of text here, but I think it had to be so in order to approximately describe my situation to you. Please don't be angry with me !! * :)
For those who don't feel like reading all that stuff and still want answers,
Please scroll all the way down, there comes the headline "MAIN ANYTHING:" and under this, the most important concern for you.

Briefly about myself:
I'm 28, I live in Berlin and I'm a trained chef (yes, a chef ...).
After a few years in various restaurants, I decided to catch up on my Abitur and completed this last summer.
During my Abitur I rediscovered my old childhood passion, the "fascination of technology", because deep inside me there is a tinkerer and screwdriver who wants to realize his ideas.
As a result, I enrolled in the mechanical engineering course at the TU Berlin with the aim of gaining the necessary knowledge with which I can implement my own ideas.

Now the first semester is almost over and I feel like I've been immersed in ice water.
The university life for me is very anonymous, although I am surrounded by about 7000 18-year-old (somewhat exaggerated) mechanical engineering students, who are all highly motivated and mainly study mechanical engineering because they (attention, statement from one individual! :)) have always been good at math were.
There is generally no contact with professors and I don't feel well.
I will probably only be able to complete 1 of 4 modules this semester and that is computer science ..
Unfortunately, that's the only subject that I really enjoy at the moment. Programming is a great thing.
Then comes mechanics, but unfortunately mathematics is omnipresent and I don't feel the fire that drives me to "crack" triple integrals or to set up Fourier series with imaginary numbers.
Please don't get me too wrong, I am very interested in science, but there is probably more of a philosopher than a mathematician in me.

I thought about it (should happen ..) and the thought occurred to me that I am not using my time sensibly .. I am missing practical tasks, screwing, wiring and planning. I'm not getting any younger either, so at 28 I'm probably too old for some to start again.

Still, I see the following possibilities:
1. I clench my teeth and try to graduate somehow. Mathematics in particular is extremely troublesome for me, and I'm afraid that after studying for 5-6 years I won't have learned a bit of manual skills.

2. I am trying to get an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic and try to add the technical degree.

3. I am trying to find an apprenticeship as a technical product designer.

I am aware that in the end I have to make my own choice and I would like to apologize for "crying out" to you.


My dream job looks something like this:
I can think of an improvement to a product, or a new product itself; I make a sketch and use it to create a model on the computer; I build a prototype in the workshop (of course also in a team). This prototype then goes into production, provided it is good and works.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how I can possibly achieve this job description?
I look forward to every answer!

Greetings and have a nice day