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First name Annie: meaning, origin, name days & further details

Annie is a female given name.

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Meaning of Annie Name

Is the diminutive of Anna and comes from Hebrew. In addition, Annie comes from the Greek first name Hannah and means "the gifted".


channah = grace (Hebrew)


  • Ann
  • Ni and
  • Nini
  • Annchen
  • Anny
  • Anita
  • Enemy
  • Annifanni

Celebrities and stars with the first name Annie

  • Annie Clarke, actress (Degrassi)
  • Annie Cresta, character from The Hunger Games-Catching Fire
  • Annie Frost, played by Kelli Giddish on "Chase"
  • Annie Girardot, French actress
  • Annie LeBlanc, YouTuber
  • Annie Leibovitz, American photographer
  • Annie Lennox, singer, Eurythmics
  • Annie Leonhardt, Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime)
  • Annie Sawyer, played by Lenora Crichlow in "Being Human" UK
  • Annie Thurman, actress (The Hunger Games)
  • Annie waits, Ben Folds
  • Annie aime les sucettes, France Gall
  • Annie, James Blunt
  • Annie's song, John Denver
  • Annie, SafetySuit
  • Annie, character from the film of the same name
  • Annie Butts, character from the novel "Serpentines"
  • Annie Camden, character from the TV series "A Heavenly Family"