Why does my nose bleed inwards sometimes

When is a nosebleed a case for the doctor

Snort, wipe, dab: the nose bleeds relatively easily. Most of the time this is harmless. If you have frequent nosebleeds or take blood-thinning medication, you should see a doctor.

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If there is blood in the handkerchief after you snort, it is usually harmless. If you have repeated nosebleeds, however, you should see a doctor.

Nosebleeds don't panic

If bright red blood is running out of your nose, there is no need to panic at first. Usually a small blood vessel in the nose has burst - for example because the mucous membranes are dry and the vessels are vulnerable as a result.

Vessels can easily burst

Just blow your nose briefly and then there is blood in the handkerchief: The nose is particularly prone to bleeding because the vessels are only just below the surface, explains Joachim Wichmann, Vice President of the Professional Association of Otorhinolaryngologists.

Consult a doctor in the event of repeated bleeding

Usually this bleeding is harmless. "Most of the time, it doesn't stop at blowing your nose, but also puffing, puffing and wiping - this can damage the small vessels." If you have a nosebleed for the first time, you don't need to see a doctor about it. But if it occurs repeatedly, it should be clarified. Because: "There can be something big hidden behind every little thing," says Wichmann.

The elderly are more likely to have nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are more common in older people because the mucous membranes generally dry out quickly. Nasal ointments or nasal oils may help. In addition, those affected should drink a lot.

High blood pressure as a possible cause

The older the patient, the more problematic nosebleeds can be. «Because blood pressure rises with age. Nosebleeds can be the result of high blood pressure. Then you have to tackle the cause. " Anyone who takes blood-thinning medication should also see a doctor with a nosebleed. It is better not to wait too long with this, because the nose regenerates quickly and sometimes the problem can no longer be seen after a few days.

Immediate action in case of nosebleeds

If you have a nosebleed, you have to bend your head forward and let your nose bleed out, explains Wichmann. This means that the blood does not run into the stomach and may cause nausea there. “So much iron at once - the body cannot take it” warn the ENT doctors at the HNOnet NRW and advise putting a cold rag on the neck. This causes the blood vessels to contract.

When should you go to the doctor?

Adults with nosebleeds should see a doctor if they keep bleeding from their nose, if the bleeding does not stop even after 15 minutes, or if the blood is not bright red.

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| Updated: Thursday, March 15, 2018 6:19 pm

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