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These foods promote muscle building

Those who train hard not only need the right weights, but also the right diet. Workout to exhaustion is pretty useless if the nutrients to build muscle are lacking. A well-known fitness coach reveals which food builds the muscles.

"Good training is the decisive factor for building muscle. But it only develops its full effect with good nutrition," explains sports scientist and celebrity fitness coach Jörn Giersberg. For Giersberg, two components in the diet are crucial for targeted muscle building: proteins and complex carbohydrates. In addition, certain vitamin complexes such as C, E and especially B can support the structure and promote the metabolism.

In the daily diet, he recommends a balanced combination of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins as well as a low-salt diet. "Salt binds 50 times as much as water in the body. I would therefore keep an eye on the salt intake." The basis of muscle growth, however, are proteins - they are the reservoir in the body that muscle strands need to grow. Because they too consist of it. Therefore, strength athletes need 1.5 to two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day, some even more. (You can find information about protein shakes here) Proteins are protein molecules made up of various amino acids >>

consist. Foods that contain a lot of protein are therefore ideal as muscle building foods: Eggs, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, fish, poultry and meat are essential for exercising men. But stuffing mountains of it into yourself only helps to a limited extent. "The muscles only grow when there is enough energy in the body. They provide carbohydrates," says the fitness coach. They are in great abundance Bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, oatmeal, fruit, fruit juice and confectionery contain.

Cheesecake for athletes "The right combination at the right time brings a lot," says Jörn Giersberg. Hence he finds Cheesecake "Really top" for strength athletes: "The dough consists of large amounts of carbohydrates, the cheese filling usually consists of quark and milk - pure proteins." The right timing for eating

In his experience, the combination of exercise and nutrient intake works like this: "Two,

three hours before training you eat yourself full of carbohydrates - Pasta, risotto or simply loaf. Shortly before and after training, not proteins, but one Chocolate bars, apple spritzer, an orange or a banana. The ideal time for a proper meal is then within an hour of the end of the training session.

High-quality foods are particularly important: "With ready-made pizza, canned ravioli, cola, cheap baguette and sachet soups, you do your body no good. In the best case, the food is freshly prepared.

Animal and vegetable protein The combination of animal and vegetable protein also increases the conversion of the ingested proteins into the body's own muscle mass. For example, it contains a lot of animal protein Egg, salmon, tuna, plaice, beef, turkey, cottage cheese, Harz cheese and quark, high quality vegetable protein can be found in Potatoes, beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, quinoa and sunflower seeds. The combination of carbohydrates with animal and vegetable protein is exactly the right thing to do. It can be combined with appetizing dishes: Scrambled eggs with fried potatoes, pasta with fried turkey breast slices and steamed peas, beef steak with bacon beans and farmhouse bread or a lentil curry with salmon and fragrant rice. Recipe for lentil curry with salmon and fragrant rice

And this is how it's done: In the pot, the curry is steamed with a little oil with soybeans, coconut milk, curry powder, red lentils, chopped spring onions, cumin and finely diced garlic.

To do this, fry a piece of salmon, cook the fragrant rice in another pot of water and sprinkle with roasted sunflower seeds - this is pure power food.

Fat is important for testosterone Fat also plays an important role for Giersberg in moderate amounts. "Men need it for testosterone production." If the body has too little fat, the natural hormone production is reduced. The muscles break down - or only with difficulty. He does not think it makes sense to have fixed calorie requirements as in diets: "There are too many individual parameters such as size, weight, food utilization and the efficiency of the metabolism involved. Anyone who does not eat a low-salt diet with good foods is quite correct." Jörn Giersberg also considers the classic diet of not consuming any more carbohydrates in the evening to be wrong with regular training when aiming to build muscle. "But you shouldn't shovel in two or three plates of pasta. A normal portion, nothing more." Insider tip papaya

There are also many foods that taste good and offer extra benefits. About the papaya: Your enzyme papain breaks down the protein in the food into the individual amino acids and thus strengthens muscle building. salmon In addition to a lot of protein, it contains the important omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B 6, B 12 and minerals such as zinc and selenium. Quinoawhich tastes good in muesli, for example, contains a lot of magnesium, which loosens the muscles after training, and the amino acid lysine, an important building block for muscle building. If none of this leads to muscle building, there is only one thing that will help, according to Jörn Giersberg: "Train smarter and better". "I would not rely on vitamin pills," warns Giersberg, however, "many of them do not have the best possible effect. Vitamins in good foods are much more effective in the body." You can also find all nutrition tips in our photo show.

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