What's new at Burger King

New King’s Selection product line

With the new premium burgers there is specially created saucesas well as cheese, rocket, brioche buns and, as a side dish, special rocket fries - fresh rocket, cheese sauce and french fries.

A suitable addition to the range

"With the King’s Selection we have created a completely new product line that includes the well-known and popular flame-grilled taste experiencefrom Burger King turns out to be unique. We have worked intensively on the new products and are very proud of the result with the two exclusive premium burgers represents the perfect addition to our existing range", explained Klaus Schmäing, Director Marketingat Burger King Germany.

About Burger King

Founded in 1954, Burger King is now the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world. 18,200 restaurants in 100 countries and U.S. Territories are currently part of the chain. Almost 100 percent of the BK restaurants are run by independent franchisees; many restaurants are owned by families who have been in business for decades, it is said.
in the current foodservice Top 100 ranking of the largest catering company in Germany, Burger King is in second place with one 2019 net sales of EUR 985.0 million (estimated) and 750 restaurants.

New personnel: Daniel Polte is the new press spokesman

Occupied since October 1, 2020 Daniel Poltethe position of Manager PR & Communications at Burger Germany. As a new one Press officerPolte is also responsible for internal and external communication as well as the areas of public and corporate affairs. In a leading role, he looks after topics such as classic press work, employer branding and marketing communication. In addition to the continuous exchange with the franchisees, Daniel Polte reports to the Head of Brand, Danny Wilming.

Daniel Nolte, new press spokesman at Burger King Germany.