How do most people find new music?

New Spotify tool shows interesting statistics

An example of the Insights is a playlist with the songs that have been heard most recently - "My Covid-19 Tunes". You can also see his top 5 artists recently. If you scroll a little further, your own favorite tracks are compared with those of the community. Are my songs more cheerful, energetic or more danceable than the German average? In the end, there is also an" Obscurify Score "is displayed, which records how atypical your own taste in music is compared to other German users.

In addition to these insights, there is another tab that shows the 30 most listened to artists and tracks indicates. Both an all-time list and a list of the artists / artists that have been heard most recently are presented. The good thing is that you can Playlists from your own top tracks can create.

Compare with friends or strangers

Another interesting function is the comparison with friends or people from whom you have a code. The whole thing works both with your public profile and anonymously. On this page, common artists and genres are displayed and a commonality score is calculated. So far there have been over 1 million matches with over 720,000 users in 77 different countries. These are amazing values ​​for this recently created tool, considering that Spotify is active in 79 countries and has around 120 million users.

Now it's your turn, what are your stats like? If you want to compare your listening habits with me, my (anonymous) code: convenient-broccoli-84