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What does "Based" mean? Youth language, youth word, slang, meaning, definition, explanation

In youth language, “based” means that someone is self-confident and positive, and that they stand by themselves and their opinions - regardless of what others say or how they react.

"Based" in slang and youth language: meaning, explanation

“Based” is also used in youth language and internet language to express that something is good. “Based” is also said when someone agrees with a statement.

“Based” is also used as praise. When someone wants to compliment, he or she says about a person that their behavior, appearance or self-esteem is "based". (In this sense, “based” means “self-confident” and “self-confident” in good German.)

The opposite of "based" is "cringe".

Further meaning of "based"

In its original meaning, "based" is used as an adjective and means "based" in German. “Based” indicates where something or someone comes from or is located. Example: “based in Germany”.

"Based" is used in the English language to indicate a relationship. Example: "activity-based"

In US slang, “based” has another (third) meaning. Someone who is "based" is dependent on a substance or behaves as if he were dependent.

Another fourth meaning also exists. In the Alt-Right sphere, “based” is used as the opposite of “woke”. Here the word "based" is used as an expression of praise.

Word origin "based": Where does the word come from?

The youth word “based” got its meaning from the American rapper Lil B. Already in the early 2010s, the rapper Lil B called himself “The based God”. He wanted to express that he has higher powers than other rappers. This was the beginning of the spread of the new meaning of the word "based".

In the 2010 song "Wonton Soup", Lil B repeatedly calls himself "based God". The single belongs to the album "Everything Based".

A popular expression from Lil B's environment is "based life". A "based life" is a life in abundance and abundance. Lil B fans also thank him with the phrase "Thank You Based God". (As an abbreviation TYBD.)

The Alt-Right also began to use the word "based" in the 2010s. With the election of Donald J. Trump as President, the word "based" gained great popularity. (See also: What is an impeachment?)

The real story of the word "based" begins in the US 1980s. The term "basehead" exists there. People who are dependent on the white substance “cocaine” and who smoke it in a certain form are called “baseheads”. This was called "freebasing". (See also: Synonyms for cocaine)

“Freebasing” and “Basehead” have been shortened to “based”. If someone was said to be "based", it was expressed that the person is substance-dependent.

As mentioned above, the rapper Lil B removed the word "based" from this meaning in the early 2010s and gave the term a new meaning.

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