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Wing bag for back to school

In the 2018/2019 school year, 170 little Findorffs fledged a lot more. Marcella Dammrat-Tiefensee and Gabriele Greger-Gleitze, on behalf of the Findorffer Business People Association, congratulated all first graders of the three Findorffer primary schools with 170 practical gifts that catch the eye with their bright colors. The school management of the primary school on Admiralstrasse, Augsburger Strasse and Weidedamm accepted the chic "Flügge-Bags" on behalf of the children.

A ballad for Findorff

As part of the Sunday shopping, the musician Andreas Pohl went on a one-day Findorff tour, accompanied by his musician Thomas Milowski (“The Fairies”) to present his “Findorff Song” - and to recommend the CD of the same name to the district. The production was made possible by the financial support of the Findorff Business People Association.

His “Findorff Song” tells of the story and the stories that have shaped Findorff. The ballad sounds like the district itself: calm, unpretentious and somehow familiar from the start. The melodic chronicle only lasts a good six minutes, but the songwriter could go on chatting for hours and with great enthusiasm. "I've always been interested in the history of the places where I live," explains the 56-year-old, who settled down with his family in Findorff 15 years ago, "and in Findorff the stories lie on the streets." The "Findorff-Song" CD is available from Siebenachen and costs € 4 (€ 1 as a donation for a music project at the Augsburger Straße primary school).

The lovingly designed cover design was created by budding media designers from the Wandsbek art school - and the Findorff Business People's Association was also enthusiastic about it!