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Damon system

Orthodontic masterpiece: more than just straight teeth!

The Damon System is a breakthrough in orthodontic treatment with brackets. Brackets are small metal or ceramic holders that are glued to the teeth and are used to attach an arch wire that moves the teeth into their intended position. In contrast to conventional brackets, those of the Damon system are self-ligating.

Damon System: Fixed Braces

Not only do patients with crooked teeth often feel inhibited and lack self-confidence, they are often treated differently. During one study, around half of those surveyed said crooked teeth make a bad first impression, both in school, at work, or in everyday life. Our laughter therefore not only makes up a large part of our identity, but also how we are seen by our environment. In addition to aesthetics, straight teeth have many other advantages. Oral hygiene is much easier and more effective with optimal tooth spacing, pronunciation is clearer and the entire bite is more physiological, which improves chewing and can prevent orthopedic problems such as headache and neck pain.

That is why beautifying your smile is one of the most valuable investments you can make to permanently improve the quality of your life.

Nowadays, as orthodontists, we have a multitude of options at our disposal to help our patients achieve their most beautiful smile with loose or fixed braces. But we want more. We not only want straight, healthy teeth for your future, we want them as quickly and as comfortably as possible. That is why we have been working successfully with the Damon bracket system in our orthodontic practice in Mannheim for years.

Self-ligating brackets

Typically, your orthodontist will apply ligatures to the brackets to secure the treatment arch to them. These rubber rings or small wires are looped around the wings, which are located on the left and right of the bracket, and ensure the correct power transmission. Self-ligating brackets such as those in the Damon system, on the other hand, contain a special lock for the archwire. In this way, the bow can slide and work optimally, while the friction is considerably reduced and the entire treatment is gentler.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the Damon System for?

    For each! There are now more than a million cases treated and the number is increasing day by day. The Damon System is offered by orthodontists around the world and helps teenagers and adult patients get the best bite. Often they not only notice this, but a change in the entire face, which has a younger and more dynamic appearance. If you are wondering whether this treatment method is also suitable for you, just talk to us!

  • Is the treatment painful?

    Patients who have worn traditional brackets, or know someone who has done so, often remember tightly bound archwires that have caused tooth, jaw, and headaches. However, that is over. Due to the unique locking mechanism of the Damon brackets, much gentler biological forces are used to bring the teeth into the desired position. This increases comfort enormously and the treatment time is much shorter. Most of our patients hardly experience any discomfort during their tooth correction.

  • Do teeth need to be extracted?

    When teeth used to be one above the other or too close together, we were often forced to pull one or more of them to create the space we needed. No orthodontist likes to do this, it contradicts our ultimate goal: the long-term preservation of your healthy teeth. Fortunately, we usually don't have to do that anymore. In modern orthodontics, most tooth corrections can be carried out without so-called extractions. The same applies to the Damon system. We owe this to the use of lighter, naturally acting biological forces, which, together with the organic adaptability of the human body, naturally create the necessary space.

  • How long will the treatment take?

    How long the total duration of the treatment is, of course, depends on individual factors such as the severity of the deformity. Many patients report noticeable changes in their appearance and language after just a few weeks. On average, the treatment time with Damon brackets is six months shorter than with any competitor. Not only does this mean that you will find your perfect smile more quickly, you also have to go to the orthodontist significantly fewer appointments.

  • Are headgears necessary?

    In the past, correcting crowded teeth or creating the correct dental arch often involved bulky headgears and palatal expanders. With the Damon system, this is unnecessary in the vast majority of cases. The biological forces already mentioned eliminate the problem of space and create wonderful dental arches without the use of bulky appliances.

  • What does a Damon treatment cost?

    The costs of a Damon tooth correction are comparable to those of a conventional bracket restoration. However, we can only calculate how high they will be as soon as we have examined your individual case in our practice.

    Of course, we know that orthodontic treatments can be expensive and that both statutory and private health insurances do not necessarily cover everything. Our top priority is to provide you with the best possible care and a radiant smile with healthy, straight teeth. That's why we don't want financial inconvenience to get in your way. For this reason, we offer extensive advice in which we can also talk about flexible monthly installment payments. Together we will find the right solution for you!

Damon variants

Depending on their personal wishes, our patients can choose between different brackets. We present the two most popular ones here.

The "Damon Clear"

This tooth-colored variant makes your braces almost invisible, only the thin treatment arch can still be seen. The translucent material combines the advantages of self-ligating technology with the highest aesthetic standards and does not forfeit either comfort or effectiveness. Due to its transparency, it is particularly suitable for young people and adults.

The "Damon Q"

Despite its small size and narrow profile, this solid full metal system enables exceptional stability and durability, without any unwanted interference. Additional horizontal and vertical slots offer us more flexibility in the treatment of various misaligned teeth, while the beveled inner edge of the opening mechanism makes it easy for the patient to change the archwire. In this way, we achieve fast, controlled tooth movement and a remarkable result with maximum patient comfort.

Illustration: Solid full metal system: with Demon Q to straight and healthy teeth!

The advantages

At a glance: the advantages of the demon system

Fewer appointments with an orthodontist

The innovative lightweight arches made of fine wire have a built-in memory that moves your teeth and saves you a few visits to the practice.

A comfortable, remarkable treatment result

The special sliding mechanism that holds the treatment arch allows the teeth to move more freely than conventional brackets. This makes reaching the treatment goal much more pleasant for the patient and leads to very good results.

Tooth correction without extraction or expander

Correcting a tooth or jaw misalignment with conventional methods often requires the extraction of healthy teeth and / or the use of a so-called expander to expand the palatal suture in order to create the necessary space in the jaw. Not only does it break the heart of every dentist and orthodontist to have to pull a healthy tooth, these methods also have consequences. The treatment not only takes significantly longer and is much more uncomfortable, a possibly resulting flatter facial profile or a narrower jaw can result in functional and aesthetic losses. With the gentle biological forces exerted on the teeth by the brackets and arch, a Damon smile includes all of your teeth and a full, beautiful facial profile.

Shortening the duration of treatment

Thanks to the natural forces and the lack of tooth extractions or the use of an expander, we achieve our treatment goal much faster than with other braces.

Discretion and aesthetics

Damon brackets are easier to clean than any other, which is beneficial for oral hygiene and can prevent diseases of the teeth and the gums. Furthermore, their inconspicuous design enables the most discreet tooth correction possible.

The bracket surrounding sealing

The bracket surrounding sealing

Even with healthy teeth, a certain sealing is useful and necessary. It is used to maintain healthy, natural teeth and to prevent tooth decay and other diseases of the teeth and the gums.

During orthodontic treatment, bacteria that can cause this condition will have a much easier time attaching to your teeth and multiplying. This is ensured by numerous nooks and crannies on and around the brackets. The arch also creates many cavities and gaps in which bacteria are only too happy to create a home.
As with patients without a dental correction, it is important to maintain conscientious oral hygiene at home. Regular professional tooth cleaning is also recommended. This removes all bacterial deposits. A PZR is particularly useful before brackets are fitted. It is then advisable to seal the area around the bracket. Depending on the special paint used, it is applied before or after the brackets are attached. The sensitive tooth enamel is protected in this way and the bacteria are deprived of the opportunity to find a secure hold.

Since bacteria form acids as soon as they settle in, which can even damage the tooth enamel, the hardest substance in our body, we check before each orthodontic tooth correction whether and to what extent such a seal is necessary.

The retention

The stabilization of the treatment success

It's finally here: the day your treatment is over. The arch and the brackets are removed, the teeth polished and your smile shines in a new shine.
The only thing that could tarnish this high spirits is the thought of the future.
With our tooth correction, we have intervened in the oral cavity system and unbalanced it, which it is trying to restore. Your teeth are in constant motion. So if we don't take any action, they may eventually move back to their original position or new misalignments may set in.

To prevent this, the active treatment is followed by the so-called retention phase. Retentio comes from Latin and means “to hold back” or “to hold back”. With retention, we want to prevent a relapse and hold back the teeth from moving into an inharmonious position again.

What does such a retention look like?

As so often, it depends on the individual case. In general, the retention time is as long as the active treatment time. However, there are also misalignments that tend to relapse for a lifetime and therefore have to be retained for life.
The type of retention also depends on the individual case. There are fixed and removable versions. The lingual permanent retainer, which is simply glued behind the teeth, has proven to be particularly comfortable in the lower front tooth area. Of course, we would be happy to advise you on this in our practice.


Insignia - your virtual treatment planner

In order to optimize the course of treatment even before the start of your tooth correction and to achieve a perfect result at the end, we rely on the Insignia method in our Mannheim practice for orthodontics.

First, we create your individual virtual tooth model with the help of a 3D scanner. Insignia's groundbreaking software integrates these images and calculates the optimal final position of your teeth. We use this data to create your personal 3D treatment plan. This foresight enables us to recognize all the necessities during the process and to plan even the smallest optimizations in advance. The brackets and arches produced on this basis are absolutely unique and specially made according to your anatomical conditions.

Your smile is just as unique as your fingerprint. With Insignia, so are your braces. If you have any questions about this revolutionary method, just contact us. Our practice is licensed for the Insignia program "Digital Orthodontics". We would be happy to advise you!

The benefits of Insignia

Precise Results

Through exact treatment planning as well as responding to your wishes and special features even before the start of therapy.

Best possible efficiency

Custom-made brackets and arches as well as their exact fit thanks to the indirect bonding process enable an optimal result.


Shorter treatment period with fewer appointments with the orthodontist thanks to the optimized treatment plan and less inconvenience due to the use of gentle biological forces thanks to forward planning.

Anticipation and certainty

You already know what your smile will look like after the tooth correction before you start and you can influence your tooth correction yourself by discussing your wishes with us.

Suitable for all bracket systems

Whether fast, self-ligating Damon Q brackets or tooth-colored ceramic brackets, with Insignia we can plan and optimize your treatment, no matter which brackets you want. If you are not yet sure about your decision, we would be happy to show you your 3D tooth model with the various bracket options.

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