How did you get into writing essays

Choice of essay topics

Fantasy essays

Danger: Fantasy essays are particularly difficult to write. In contrast to discussions and descriptions, one cannot proceed according to a specific scheme here. In addition, there is usually no "middle range" in fantasy essays (grades 4 to 4.75). Fictional stories are usually rated as very good or very bad (clearly unsatisfactory). So you should just "Essay Professionals", so those students who mostly get good grades for their essays, dare to do fantasy essays.

  1. A day in the life of a handkerchief (difficult topic, avoid taking the exam)
    You are the handkerchief! What do you experience during the day?
  2. magic hat
    This is a very special cap: it makes you invisible when you put it on. You are in possession of such a cap and write down your experiences with it in a story.
  3. The super nose
    Recovered from an illness, you find that you perceive all smells many times more intensely than ever before. And now? Describe your life with the super nose.
  4. If I could do the weather
    Imagine you have the power to make the weather on earth. Tell your story: who are you? How do you live? How do you use your skills? What are the consequences of your actions?
  5. I put myself in ... (Difficult topic, a lot of creativity is required here)
    Put yourself in the shoes of an animal, plant or object from your environment (family, school or leisure time) and describe what you experience and perceive from your new point of view.
  6. A world without paper.
    How do you imagine a world without paper? Describe this world! Think about how the human relationships and activities would look like there, how everyday situations would run there, e.g. at school, in leisure time, at home, at work, etc ...
  7. The beginning of a story is as follows:"They're all still asking me how it happened the other day, and why I did that. They all say that it wasn't the first time that I was alone in the apartment for a few hours ..."
    Keep writing the story!