What is ETOPS 180

A220 is now allowed to fly from London to New York

New possibilities for the former Bombardier C-Series: The Airbus A220-100 and A220-300 have received the so-called Etops approval for 180 minutes from the Canadian civil aviation authority Transport Canada. This means that the planes can now fly routes that are up to 180 minutes away from the nearest alternate airport. "This means that A220 customers can operate new routes directly and without restriction over water, in remote or underserved regions," said Airbus in a press release.

The European aircraft manufacturer also gives examples of which routes the A220 can now fly with the new approval. They lead almost exclusively by sea: London - New York, Honolulu - Los Angeles, Auckland - Papeete, Seoul - Darwin and Antananarivo (Madagascar) - Mumbai. With a maximum range of 3200 nautical miles or 5920 kilometers, the larger A220-300 can cover all of these distances, the A220-100 with a range of up to 2950 nautical miles or 5460 kilometers only a few.

Engines already with Etops 330

Etops stands for Extended Range Operations by Turbine-Engine Airplanes (but extended-range Twin-engine Operation Performance Standards are also used equivalently). The rule specifies the maximum number of minutes that aircraft types may be away from the nearest airport on a flight over the sea or other uninhabited area. The higher the rating, the more direct routes are often possible - provided the airline is also authorized. Because it must also have an Etops certificate. This is particularly relevant for two-beam engines.

The A220 engines, the Pratt & Whitney PW1500G, had already received Etops approval last summer - at the time from the US Federal Aviation Administration FAA. Like its European counterpart Easa, it must now also allow the plane itself for Etops 180.