What is a depressed mood

5 tips for dealing with a depressed mood

You have been some symptoms over two weeksthat they didn't have before? Your Mood is bad, they often feel listless and dejected and are exhausted quickly? They also suffer from sleep disorders, Loss of appetite or Listlessness? Then you could from one depressed mood or mild depression to be affected. Don't panic because there are helpful tips and support available.

First measures for a depressed mood

Movement for a better mood

Even if it puts you in a depressed mood If you find it difficult to get up, exercise is extremely important. A walk in the fresh air organizes your thoughts and clears your head. Don't put any pressure on yourself and see Movement as relaxation and not as an achievement. So don't make it your goal to run a marathon. Start small and be proud of yourselfif you did a little lap today.

Sunlight as a feel-good factor

Many people fall into a depressive mood with autumn: The days are getting shorter and colder and the nights longer. The lack of sunlight makes itself felt in our mood. Because sun rays cause the production of the “Happy hormone cocktails” made from serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. So it happens that we automatically feel happier, more motivated and more exhilarated in spring. Conversely, it is obvious that less sun, less happiness hormones and less good mood means. However, that does not automatically mean that one becomes depressed.

Diet for low mood

Deal with what is good for your body. Cook fresh dishes with regional and nutritious products. When you take good care of your body, your mind will thank you too. In Chocolate and bananas Incidentally, it also contains serotonin. Which is why you can treat yourself to a piece of it every now and then. Also should Currant herb for mild depression Act. This is available in various forms at the pharmacy. There are also Sleep teas that have a calming effect. You should find out for yourself what works best for you, because everyone reacts differently.

Exchange with friends

Mild depression almost always has a trigger. Perhaps you just feel overwhelmed with the situation and have not wanted to talk to anyone about it yet. However, conversations with friends or family are very important to that maintain mental equilibrium. It is not for nothing that there is the expression “talking your mind off your feet”. But it could also be that you have no one to trust with your problems. Therefore there is hotlines in acute cases: For example telephone counseling. However, anyone who suffers from mild depression can too benefit from online advice. This will help you out of your depth - together with an expert (m / f).

Online counseling for depressive moods

In our online counseling, the following focuses can be set in the case of mild depression: Finding for you pleasant activities, pleasure training, activation, finding out negative thoughts and realistic adaptation. You will also receive help in structuring your day and in increasing your self-esteem. For example, if you suffer from insomnia, there is also the option of To learn relaxation techniques.

The benefit of online counseling is that you can anonymous and without spending a lot of time can take place. The professional support comes “into your living room” without really intruding into your privacy. You can do the dates flexible with your personal psychologist (w / m) agree. You can then location-independent via chat, telephone or videoo perceive. If you have severe depression, you should definitely get one Therapists, psychologists or psychiatrist to seek out. You don't have to "go through it alone."

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