Is it possible to end homelessness

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What am i hearing?

0:58 minutes Lunch break, finally: Dominik has been standing in front of his shower bus since the morning - and first of all explains why it is needed.

1:40 Why did Dominik end up on the street at 16?

3:45 How do you spend a cold day outside?

4:40 Homelessness haunts you - even when you have an apartment again.

5:18 Begging was out of the question for Dominik. Why?

5:55 The EU wants to end homelessness by 2030. Werena Rosenke, an expert on housing and homelessness, assesses this goal: Is it realistic? And what has to happen for that?

8:08 Dominik also believes that an end to homelessness is feasible. There is even a specific concept that he thinks is appropriate ...

9:50 What stressed the most about life as a homeless person and how Dominik made it off the street.

11:39 The greatest luxury in your own apartment?

12:22 We appoint Dominik as the commissioner for homeless people in Germany, he formulates three immediate measures.

14:04 What we take away from the episode.

Moderation: Paul Hofmann
Sound and editing: Niklas Prenzel
Music: Max Lange
Cover: Jan Q. Maschinski