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E-sports - boost for your marketing!

If you as an entrepreneur do not yet perceive e-sports as a sport and marketing tool, you have not recognized the potential for your brand. Make your business marketing one for this young audience Good game.

What does e-sports mean?

Gaming captivates millions of gamers and their fans around the world. E-sports differs from recreational gaming or competitive gaming primarily in that at the same time Competition between human players (PvP: Player versus player) and teams. This competition takes place virtually on personal computers or game consoles.

On the one hand, the skills of a professional hardcore gamer lie in tactical thinking. On the other hand, the e-athlete uses the input devices virtuoso and extreme responsive depending on the game shown.

This direct competition is subject to fixed rules:

  1. sportier Performance comparison (Multiplayer mode) is possible
  2. success of the game is rather not subject to any Randomness and
  3. the game frame is repeatableto allow a comparison of performance between the players.

especially the precision of motor skills (hand-eye coordination, speed of reaction), targeted tactics (forward-looking and lateral thinking) and exact timing are peculiar to professional players. In addition, they are impressive Communication skills,spatial orientation ability and Teamwork. On the one hand, financial support from players or games can push your employer branding. On the other hand, and much more importantly, gamers are a valuable talent pool in your recruiting process. When you experience and recognize the gamer skills, you will no longer wonder whether this is really sport.

Is e-sports really sports?

As a relatively young sport, it is not easy for e-sports to achieve this recognition to find. As in many areas of digitization, Germany is also lagging behind in gaming. Because in countries like South Korea or Japan, the esports scene is already an integral part of sport. Despite the fact that motor, mental and social skills are beyond question, the German Olympic Sports Confederation DOSB distinguishes between e-gaming and virtual sports. The electronic sport simulation (e.g. FIFA, tennis, archery, Rocket League and NBA2KX) corresponds most closely to the core meanings and the Value system of the DOSB. In addition, the Cologne Sports University confirmed that digital sports are becoming a physical exercise and high load to lead.

Based on these evaluations, the coalition agreement recognized the importance of electronic sport as an individual sport or team sport (in e-sport these are clans competing in clan wars). This paved the way for clubs and associations to be formed. Nonetheless, I am currently seeing pure shooter games in terms of sporting values ​​such as fairness, respect and tolerance critical.

The most popular esports titles

However, shooters are very popular and are accordingly in the Gaming charts represented:

  • Counter-Strike, CS: GO (tactical shooter, first person shooter)
  • Overwatch (hero shooter)
  • Fortnite (Battle Royale genre)
  • World of Warcraft (MMORPG, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game)
  • League of Legends, LoL (real-time strategy game, beginner-friendly)
  • FIFA (sports game)
  • NBA2KX (sports game)
  • DOTA 2 (Strategy, MOBA, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)
  • StarCraft II (strategy)
  • Heroes of The Storm (Strategy)
  • Call of Duty (Shooter)
  • Minecraft (strategy)
  • and much more.

This listing shows the high Diversification the title. These appeal to different age groups and interests. There are even some titles that you can play for free like Dota2, LoL, CS: GO and Fortnite. As a result, these games not only cause an increase relevance in society. They have long been an essential factor in today's youth culture. This is ensured, among other things, by the effective broadband expansion and 5G as well as powerful hardware at moderate prices. Thus, the Fascination with sport arrive in the e-sports market with over 380 million fans worldwide.

E-sports: the digital trend in Generation Z

With more than 7 billion Google search results and one loyal fan base esports is a digital trend. Four important factors increase the attractiveness of the gaming industry:

  • high reach through the internet and live events
  • High relevance of the target group definition: What is a target group in marketing? A target group is defined as a group of people whom an advertiser or a special company would like to reach with its marketing measures. The as general ... Read more (e.g. Generation Z)
  • low barriers to entry
  • low sponsorship costs

In addition, worry Prize money in the millions for additional incentives. It is not for nothing that the biggest tournaments like DOTA 2 are comparable to the games of the NBA. Because, similar to the NBA, the tournaments are played in front of live spectators. Either in the form of offline events such as the World Cyber ​​Games (WCG) and the Electronic Sports League (ESL) or as a stream on the Internet. especially the Streaming services Twitch, YouTube and Facebook made for the meteoric expansion of the esports market. To this end, the digital trend is developing into a growing industry with gigantic potential.

Successful e-sports sponsorship without bugs

Even if electronic sports thanks to the developments and investments of game manufacturers and publishers is booming, you can reach the target group of Generation Z with just a small amount of e-sports sponsorship. E-sports sponsorship can be like a Buff (Enhancement spells in gaming jargon) affect your company's digital marketing.

In particular, you no longer attract the gaming or e-sports community as a target group of educated young adults with enormous financial power and passion with classic advertising in print, TV and radio. You move on online Social media definition: what is social media? Social media are websites and apps on the Internet. Users can use these platforms to create content, share it with other people around the world and ... Read more Channels or obtain their information from influencers in the esports scene, especially streamers and pro players. The species of Streamer regularly provide this target group with content in the form of live streams. In addition, streamers are ideally hardcore gamers with charisma.

You won't win a match with money alone

You will not become a leading player in this up-and-coming industry through financial participation alone. authenticity and long-term campaigns are the line of sight to achieve a high return on investment. For this you need insights into the scene and special know-how. Gaming jargon alone is a challenge in itself. Certainly a reason for the lack of acceptance in society.

Contact esports experts, i.e. agencies who are familiar with advertising on this platform. Together you will develop new, progressive cooperation opportunities or suitable products and services for this target group. That includes courage! Because dramatic staging of your brand or yourself as a company has to be done well. This is the only way you as a sponsor have the chance to quickly spread your brand in the community.

What are the best marketing strategies in esports?

  • Sponsoring of pro players, clans, leagues, clubs, tournaments or streamers (e-sports influencers)
  • Implementation of your own leagues and / or offline competitions
  • Building teams within your company (from equipment to management to training) as team building
  • Support of media coverage of matches
  • Development of product-related features in games / in-game advertising

Once you've found the right esports audience and identified the right channels as a sponsor, cybersport will be your key to targeting new audiences.

Corona crisis: upgrade or grief for e-sports marketing?

In addition to the high growth rates and the loyal international fan base, Corona is also leading to e-sports making their way into the digital marketing holds. While sporting and corona spike events around the world are being canceled, the digital competition is flourishing and electrifying your target group. Thanks to strong online integration, digital communication and modern streaming technologies, leagues, tournaments and matches can be continued with just few restrictions and possible in front of millions of e-sports viewers. New games such as sim racing make traditional sport a digital experience. The active esports scene brings society together even in an isolating situation and conveys human closeness.

Play the Game - now!

Even if e-sports are unbelievable without a pandemic Marketing potential companies are only now realizing that esports is like an anti-aging regimen for their brand. With a revamped image, you benefit from millions of e-sports viewers at major online tournaments such as ESL One or the League of Legends Championship. Because not only the TV broadcaster Sport 1 has expanded its e-sports coverage extremely. In addition, as a goodie you will receive an amazingInteraction rate for live streams. Adidas, Intel, Red Bull and Coca-Cola are leading the way. The competition and the number of advertisements on streaming platforms such as Twitch is still low. There is no content overflow yet. Now decide on one more aggressive digital strategy!

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