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Dangers of gendering

As the animal welfare officer of the FPÖ, Philippa Strache is of course familiar with her husband's problems. She recently diagnosed in "News": Heinz is the pack animal, as innocent as a puppy. One always suspected that, but since Ibiza there is a certainty. Just a puppy shits into the editorship of a paper that has been chasing him for years with the sack in order to display the rubbish he has drained as a benefit to the people. Now Jeannée is no longer allowed to praise his feces, but must instead hear the Pope's statements about the Nature of a man and a woman as the scientific height of the Middle Ages.

The Pope is thus on the same spiritual level as them "Kronen Zeitung" and those claimed by her Austrian people, which prompted Jeannée to Proskynesis on Thursday. Dear Holy Father: You can rest assured that the majority of Austrian people like to live and are convinced of the "Middle Ages" in which the Vatican, praise and thanks be to God, got stuck. Praise Jesus Christ!

If obedience to the Church is in no way inferior to obedience to the editor, Jeannée has at least earned the minor ordinations and the title monsignor. After all, the Pope did Gender theory, which denies the difference in the nature of a man and a woman and envisages a society without gender differences, rejected and is supported by Jeannée. The assumption that the boundaries between the sexes are fluid: symptoms of a diffuse concept of freedom and momentary longings.

Unfortunately, neither Jeannée nor the Pope are on that Differences in nature of lesbians and gays, of transgender and bisexuals went into more detail, which is obvious, are in the creation of men and women for these representatives momentary desires no suitable ones Natures more left. He couldn't take care of everything back then, and that's how this sloppy thing happened. The Church has regrettably moved a little away from the theory that women are made out of man's ribs since the Middle Ages, but on the fact that lesbians are made out of gays' ribs, the Pope and Jeannée should stick hard. Everything else would destroy the anthropological basis of the family. Praise Jesus Christ!

How much the Difference in the nature of a man and a woman on the anthropological basis especially of liberal families - namely schoaf - could be seen this week from the reporting of "Austria", but also from "For now" Experienced. Does it correspond to the nature a man of freedom, victim criminal machinations in the formation and spread Ibizan videos are proving to be the nature of the women entrusted to them for better or for worse than to be significantly more resistant to temptations to fall for, which one has to be a spiritual pup.

So far, of course, you have not been exposed to such a subtle plot as it was the Austrian secret service BVT, which was then run by the ÖVP, able to put into work. She would have nature The men didn't give away as much as was visible and audible in the video nature had to help her had to be brought to incriminating statements. For this they not only used the type of woman that Strache likes, but also, according to Gudenus, as well as alcohol, mind-altering substances.

Now you could not imagine anything better than that there would finally be a change in consciousness among those who are free. Why such a thing only under the impression of dirty toenails, on them Strache finds favor, but never succeeds under the impression of an argument, can only at the Nature of man lying, Gender theory or not. The anthropological basis of the family To save in this situation remains once again the nature left to the woman. Philippa is supposed to run for the National Council so that money can come in, and Tajana lets her Gudenus know by posting: My life might be a lot easier without you, but I have no regrets about our relationship. The Pope is happy. (Günter Traxler, June 15, 2019)