Have you ever won a gold medal

Sailors Kuhweide and Buhl in a double interview: "Between 1964 and today there is a difference like day and night"

In other words, you were not yet satisfied with your performance, which was enough to confidently lead to the world championship title?

Buhl: You have to know that the conditions in Australia, where the World Cup took place, are fundamentally different from those in Japan. Melbourne was a pure strong wind area, while in Enoshima Bay, where the Olympiaregatta takes place, everything can be given - light winds for a week or strong winds for a week, you have to prepare accordingly.

Mr. Kuhweide, does that sound familiar to you? You won the gold medal there at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 1964.

Cow pasture: The 1964 Games were in October, this time they take place much earlier. It is therefore to be expected that it will be uncomfortably humid and hot. But in terms of wind and wave technology there are no differences, the basic tenor is, as Philipp rightly says, "all-round". There is no wind force to be prepared for, you have to reckon with all wind forces.

Apart from wind and waves: what memories do you still have of autumn 57 years ago?

Cow pasture: These are moments that you don't forget, of course. I liked the environment very much, although my experience was limited to the Enoshima area and the small Olympic village. I have very positive memories of that in terms of service, quality and selection. I was not allowed to visit Tokyo until later on departure.