How did Quora become Quora


Quora is an information service that works on the principle of question and answer. A user asks a question and an expert answers it. The website offers questioners a forum by building up a pool of experts who can provide technical answers to users' questions in various areas.

General information [edit]

Quora was founded by Charlie Cheever and Adam D'Angelo in June 2009 in Mountain View. D'Angelo and Cheever were employees of the social network Facebook, D'Angelo as CTO (Chief Technical Officer) and Cheever as manager. After a six-month beta phase in which the project was only accessible to a certain group of people, Quora was also launched for the general public in July 2011. At the moment, those asking can log in via Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter. Quora relied on expertise right from the start: Well-known personalities from various industries were won over as answerers in order to competently answer the sometimes specific questions of the users.

The information service is therefore not a knowledge encyclopedia, but rather a pool of experts and questioners who try to find the best answer to a specific question. Participants include Google Product Manager Nate Smith, Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and, more recently, American President Barack Obama, who answers questions about his health program.[1] Due to the high quality of the answers, Quora is regarded as an expert platform and a relatively elitist collection of knowledge, and at the same time as a crowd-sourcing project due to the participation of many users.

Features [edit]

With Quora, questions from users can be followed up in a targeted manner. Users can subscribe to certain information and discussions via a feed and thus stay up to date in a limited subject area.

Quora states that over 400,000 different topics can be subscribed to. Anyone who has set up a profile on Quora can follow socially relevant discussions, but also ask their own questions to which they cannot find answers on other platforms such as Wikipedia.

If a question is asked, it can in principle be answered by any Quora member. With a little luck, the answer will come from an expert who has direct experience in his subject area. In addition, it is possible within the network to subscribe to blogs and to create blogs yourself in order to expand and share your knowledge.[2] A special feature of Quora is the integration of social functions that round off the knowledge service. In addition to subscribing to feeds, users can follow each other to network together.

Practical relevance [edit]

However, certain rules and restrictions apply to creating questions in Quora. Every questioner must first read a tutorial before they can ask a question. There it is explained how he technically poses a question and what conditions are attached to it. For example, a question must be a whole, correct sentence that is easy and easy to understand for other users and potential respondents. As a rule, the questions are asked in English, German is possible, but due to a small group of German users, answers can take some time.[3]

Importance for online marketing

Quora is one of the fastest growing websites in the world. The two founders, former Facebook employees, certainly benefit from their ex-employer. However, the increasing traffic also affects the quality of the answers and, last but not least, the technical accessibility of the website.

Experts suspect that as the number of users increases, so will the high-quality answers to questions. Ultimately, it is also unclear how such a popular website with a high level of traffic pays for itself - i.e. converts the high number of users into sales. Because Quora is considered to be tidy and minimalist in terms of design. The users like that, but you can't advertise here. For influencers (people with great influence), Quora is nonetheless a platform that can serve various purposes. It can bring a topic forward, increase the reputation of a website or be used for image maintenance.

A user who is active on Quora and answers questions competently can definitely be regarded as an expert in his industry.[4] This should have a positive effect on online marketing and under certain circumstances KPIs and / or branding effects can be increased in this way - provided the answers are of high quality.

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