How will you be succinct in conviction

Rhetoric, Presentation, and Persuasion

Objectives of the seminar:

The main goal of the training is to enable the participants to approach professionally relevant presentations in a target group-oriented manner, to appear confidently in the lecture and to develop a high degree of persuasiveness through well thought-out and effective preparation. In order to be able to convey content to other people, specialist knowledge is a necessary condition. However, presentation techniques and rhetorical skills are indispensable in order to present this knowledge clearly. The central question is not what "you" should "always" do or "absolutely avoid" in a presentation, but how you design and carry out your presentation in such a way that you achieve your goals. In this training, real presentations can also be prepared or existing presentations can be critically reflected.

Content of the seminar:

Communicate content in a sustainable and varied way

  • Prepare presentations efficiently: set goals and prepare content
  • Preparation and structure of good presentations: There are only a few essential quality criteria that count
  • Interactive and interesting design
  • Storytelling: Anchoring the content in long-term memory through emotions

Present vividly and use media skillfully

  • Overview of media diversity: The correct and profitable use and design of flipcharts, PowerPoint presentations and pin boards in line with your persuasive goals

Rhetoric - the secret of the art of speaking

  • The 6 success criteria of a successful presentation: functionality, authenticity, logic, presence, relevance and comprehensibility
  • Success factor context: Success and connectivity of a presentation
  • Effective response to questions from the audience, objections and heckling
  • How to defeat stage fright
  • Optional exercise: The participants bring a current presentation to this training and learn through the feedback of the other participants and the joint, critical reflection how you can transport this lecture even more effectively in practice.

Argue effectively

  • Sources of criticism and persuasiveness
  • This is how you show your counterpart the benefits of your ideas
  • Argue conclusively and concisely with the five-sentence technique
  • Argument by Argument - How to build a stringent argument
  • Make your own argumentation "watertight" - convince through quick wit and dialectics


  • Trainer input
  • Work in plenary
  • Carry out prepared presentations and individual (video) feedback on implementation and implementation
  • Role play
  • work in groups

Duration of the seminar:

2 seminar days

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