What should you know about SolidWorks Simulation

Comparison: SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard vs. Professional vs. Premium

The temperature distributions from a stationary or transient thermal analysis can be included in a linear static analysis so that the Effects of thermal expansion of the material must be taken into account when calculating the stress.


If products are exposed to vibrations in the operating environment, a Frequency analysis the natural natural vibrations of the product be determined. This avoids resonance, which drastically shortens the service life of components.


Thanks to the parametric optimization design study, you can “What-if” analyzes can be easily performed in SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional. Users can vary the parameters of the model, material, loads and boundary conditions to determine the optimal or most robust design.


Lean products with in-plane loads often exhibit structural instability well below the yield stress of the material. This is done using the Buckling study predicted.


For the safe construction of pressure vessels, reports on the linearized stresses due to pressure and pipe loads calculated in the pressure vessel study.


The Topology study enables designers and engineers to determine new design alternatives under a linear-elastic static load with minimal use of material and at the same time to comply with the requirements for the rigidity of the components.


With SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, designers and engineers can create robust, innovative designs without sacrificing strength, reliability, and product life.


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