What is industrial marketing

Industrial marketing

B2B industry marketing has some peculiarities compared to B2C marketing, which relates to consumer goods and is aimed at end users. (P)


A good marketing concept is also essential in the capital goods industry. For this it is necessary to know the methods and to decide on the basis of your own target group which channels are important for the target group and which are accepted by it.
It is important to be present with good content on all channels relevant to the company. Good content is content that creates added value for (potential) customers.

Special features of industrial marketing

The biggest peculiarity is related to the fact that capital goods are involved, which are usually complex products or services. Purchase decisions often take up a large space here, they are not made spontaneously. A capital good is often a cost-intensive product that is associated with long-term use.

online marketing

Online marketing takes different forms. Every company or every marketing department has to consider which of the many ways it can reach the target group that is to be addressed.
The advantage of many digital marketing activities is that they can usually be tried out without high costs. For companies this means: show courage and test what the target group jumps at. Another benefit of online marketing is that B2B buyers can be reached worldwide.

Email newsletter

E-mail newsletters are in a sense the veteran of digital marketing and are still important. On the one hand, an interested party must actively consent to receive a newsletter, which offers the following advantages:

  • A certain interest in the company can be assumed and therefore also that the contents of the newsletter will be received
  • for the company this is an opportunity to expand its address file

On the other hand, a newsletter is static compared to the contributions that are posted on social media channels. The newsletter recipient has the newsletter in their mailbox and the information is not in a timeline that is updated at very short intervals and constantly offers different content. However, the contents of a newsletter can be optimally linked to the social media channels or the company's homepage.

Social media

The social media area is the most differentiated area of ​​marketing instruments. Among all the different channels, it must be decided in which the target group mainly moves and how news can be published at regular intervals.
In principle, there are few products for which an application on social media channels makes no sense at all. However, you have to think carefully about which story you bring up. Not every day there is news about a product, then perhaps the solution is to build up a product world, to incorporate news from the industry, from service providers or partners.



Print marketing

Print ads

Print advertisements in specialist literature are worthwhile if the company is sure of its target group and their reading behavior or specialist literature. Furthermore, print advertisements can be useful if a well-defined regional market is to be addressed. In many other cases, the large wastage of print advertisements is not in proportion to the usually high advertisement prices.

Print flyers or brochures

With flyers or brochures it is similar to print ads. Before investing here, the target group should be clearly defined, otherwise print flyers often turn out to be uneconomical and unecological. However, if the conditions are favorable because the target group is existing customers or customers who have clearly chosen this classic marketing method, print advertising has some advantages. Above all, that the customer "has something in hand". Even today, this should not be underestimated in the online age.

Exhibition Marketing

Trade fairs are still an efficient way of maintaining existing contacts and making new ones. Products can be presented to a large number of trade visitors while at the same time getting an overview of the competition.


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