What can we learn online for free

Online learning opportunities

You can also learn from home.
There are tons of offers on the Internet, many of which are free.
In this way, even adult novice readers can continue to practice and improve reading, writing and arithmetic.
Use the time at home for online courses.
Most offers require either a computer with a loudspeaker or a smartphone.
And of course an internet connection.

Where can I practice reading, writing and arithmetic on the Internet?

TheAdult Education Center (vhs) offers in oneLearning portal Courses.
The courses in the learning portal are free of charge.
The learners have a contact person for the course.
You can contact the contact persons online.

Are there also learning opportunities for the cell phone?

In the learning portal of theAdult Education Center (vhs) there is also oneApp for the cell phone.
With the app you can practice writing and arithmetic on your mobile phone.

Are there any learning opportunities on the Internet that are not like “normal lessons”?

A learning offer is calledBrains. Learning differently.
This is the learning platform from the TV program ARD-alpha.
in thewatch TV there are exciting films from Grips with casual teachers.
in theInternet there are also exercises, explanations and videos.
The course content is German, English and arithmetic.

Can I combine playing with learning on the Internet?

Learning by playing is possible with the educational gameWinter festival.
Here you slip into the role of Alex.
You experience an exciting story and have to solve exciting puzzles in the process.
You will practice reading, writing and arithmetic.

Can I also practice specifically for the job?

With the programBELUGA practice reading, writing and arithmetic for the job.
You can also practice using the Internet.
And how to write and edit texts on the computer.

Are there learning opportunities to learn how to use the computer?

AteVideo there is a step-by-step tutorial.
You can look at the individual steps and imitate them.

Where can I find easily understandable news on the Internet?

Deutschlandfunk provides the news siteNews easy at.
There are messages in easy-to-understand language.
New messages are posted every Friday.
Technical terms are explained in a dictionary.
With these messages you are well informed and can practice reading while doing so.