Who makes the best dehumidifiers

Dehumidifier test 2021 • The 9 best dehumidifiers in comparison

What is a dehumidifier and how does it work?

A Building drying or Dehumidifier is a practical aid that can be used in private households as well as in commercial rooms. Also in Shell structures or on construction sites, dehumidifiers are indispensable to ensure that the freshly built masonry dries as quickly as possible so that work can continue.

Normal devices are connected to the power grid and suck the humidity from the air. But there are also models that work entirely without electricity. For devices of this type, special granulates or salt crystals are used to filter the moisture from the ambient air.

Diagram showing the price-performance ratio of dehumidifiers

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Areas of application - dehumidifiers in use

In Bathrooms and others Sanitary rooms there is always a certain degree of moisture present. You can stop this with a dehumidifier in order to prevent the risk of moisture damage. According to the current test, air dehumidification systems are also indispensable in the kitchen, because here too there is sometimes a lot of moisture “in the air”.

It is used to combat existing moisture or mold stains, but also in building shells powerful dehumidifier elementary.

Vingo dehumidifier from Hengda with automatic defrosting function, prevents damage from the cold

What types of dehumidifiers are there?

Basically one differentiates powered versions of devices that are unique to Crystals or special Salt function. According to the current test, however, the latter are extremely unsuitable for use in building shells or on construction sites.

Electric powered Devices are compared to the Classics extremely powerful and thus able - depending on the model - to dry even larger rooms and thus reduce or prevent moisture damage.

Brief information on the leading 7 manufacturers / brands

  • Frigortec
  • Remko
  • Pissed off
  • Stauff
  • Atika
  • Roland
  • Trotec
Frigortec offers high quality products “Made in Germany”. The company has been on the market for over 50 years and can now look back on several thousand satisfied customers. The company's headquarters are in Amtzell, where various types of refrigeration solutions and drying systems are developed and manufactured - always based on customer needs. Tjark Misselwitz is the company's managing director. The product portfolio is extremely comprehensive, from grain cooling devices and hay dryers to container cooling devices and devices for heat generation.
The Remko company is a well-known company that is meanwhile of relevance throughout Europe in matters of heating and air conditioning technology. The product portfolio is extremely comprehensive, from dehumidifiers and air conditioning systems to room air conditioners and hot air heating systems. The Remko company has been on the market since 1976 and has offered discerning private and commercial customers a comprehensive, high-quality range of products and services.
The Rumsauer company was founded in 1948 and has always been run as a family business. The correct company name is Hans Rumsauer GmbH. The company is based in Speichersdorf, in the heart of Northern Bavaria. When it comes to gardening tools, large area mowers, thermal systems and drying devices, Rumsauer GmbH has always had a lot to offer private and corporate customers. Quality-conscious customers also appreciate the moderate price-performance structure.
The Stauff company was founded over 50 years ago. It is a medium-sized company that is based in Werdohl-Ehrenfeld. Since it was founded, the Stauff label has enjoyed national and international success with the development, manufacture and sale of hydraulic accessories, pipeline components and air dehumidifiers. Private and business customers have always appreciated the quality of the products, and the moderate price structure appeals to cost-conscious consumers in Europe and the USA.
Atika was founded in 1949. Atika has always been one of the most well-known manufacturers of building and garden products. In Germany and Austria, as well as in Scandinavia, Greece, Portugal and Russia, the high quality products from Atika are in great demand. Atika continues to expand and strive to win the hearts of consumers in more and more countries. Each of the products is powerful and safe to use. They also impress with their long service life.
Roland has been on the market for more than 30 years and focuses its business on tailor-made air conditioning solutions at an attractive price. Regardless of whether it is about cooling or heating products, about humidification or dehumidification of buildings or about topics such as ventilation of building shells or real estate - Roland offers an extensive product and service portfolio and even provides its customers with a competent one Security and service team available 24/7, 365 days a year.
The Trotec company is based in Heinsberg and has a wide range of products and services. The core business relates to the areas of dehumidification and air conditioning. Ventilation and heating also play a central role at Trotec. Trotec's experts are always available for industrial, commercial and private customers. Even online and in the international branches, consumers can always rely on the professional way of working and well-founded support.

This is how dehumidifiers are tested

A product test consists of two basic segments. In the first phase, the aim is to collect all product-specific factors against the background of offering the consumer a comprehensive wealth of information in this way. The questions and facts generated are listed in a catalog, which then serves as the basis for the practical test that follows. This in turn consists of a short and a long-term test.

Here, dehumidifiers are examined in detail by experienced test experts with a view to numerous criteria. All results obtained in this way are then broken down, analyzed and evaluated for the test report.

Vingo dehumidifier from Hengda with a weight of 10 kg and dimensions 28 x 17 x 48.5 cm

Dehumidifier in the test

The test is not about the consumer or reader of the Test reports to arouse or promote an interest in buying. Rather, it is intended to give the consumer all the desired information and Facts to deliver for the product he is currently considering. Everyone Product comparison is characterized by maximum transparency and objectivity as well as a high level of professionalism.

In this respect, the consumer benefits from a comprehensive Information portfolio, and he will both have that Advantages, as well as any disadvantage informed about the dehumidifier.

This makes it easier for him to decide whether to buy a particular dehumidifier or not. The following criteria play a very special role in the practical test:

Criteria in the test

The quality and the nature of the material

Just one high quality Device can do a lot in the long term. Because of this, the Test specialists in the Product comparison very close to the Valence or the conception of the used Materials. Last but not least, the ecological aspect also plays an important role.

The processing

Even if the qualitative value of the processed materials is top notch, so can power and Functionality of a dehumidifier can still be impaired if the individual elements are not firmly and solidly built together. One more reason from the point of view of the Test specialists, Pay attention to even the smallest details here.


As the test showed, there are even in the higher Dehumidifier price segment, whose efficient way of working leaves a lot to be desired.

Important is with every device - no matter which one Price category - that at least a solid Functionality is guaranteed. Therefore, the test experts compare both Short-, as well as Long-term tests in order to be on the safe side with a view to protecting the consumer.

Vingo dehumidifier from Hengda has a water tank capacity of 1.5 L

The handling

It is important that that Handling easy and user-oriented is. According to the test experts, even the inexperienced user should be able to get along with the respective device and benefit from a comprehensive portfolio of services and functions.

The noise development

According to the recently conducted Product comparison are Dehumidifier available whose functioning with a substantial Noise level goes hand in hand. In comparison, devices of this type are used relatively often on construction sites or in building shells.

Dehumidifiers that are in offices or Apartments should, according to the test specialists, work as quietly as possible.

The reputation of the manufacturer

With a view to the currently carried out Dehumidifier test From the point of view of quality-conscious users, it is not absolutely necessary to use devices made by well-known manufacturing companies come. The test clearly shows that you can very well use dehumidifiers that are mass-produced by start-ups or by creative inventors.

price-performance ratio

The comparison shows that a more solid and durable Dehumidifier, the by a high Performance impresses, does not necessarily have to be expensive to buy. So you can even use dehumidifiers from the middle price segment expect the best quality. The test shows which devices are particularly recommended in this regard.

Vingo dehumidifier from Hengda suitable for office, living room, basement, bathroom, garage, bedroom, etc.

Frequent defects and weak points - these are what I have to pay attention to when buying a dehumidifier:

  • According to Amazon customers, the lead times for some dehumidifiers from the low price segment are very long in comparison.

That costs energy, time - and also nerves. So that you get the best quality, it is advisable to take a look at the new test reports in order to find out which dehumidifier is most likely to meet your requirements.

  • The scope of many dehumidifiers is very large, so that the living or working space sometimes offers considerably less space during commissioning.

As the comparison showed, you can get compact devices with an impressively high performance and function portfolio from well-known manufacturers.

  • The control panel is complex.

Thus, it is sometimes more difficult for the technically less experienced Amazon customer to get along with the dehumidifier.

  • The water level is not clearly visible.

This means that with some dehumidifiers it is necessary to lift the lid and unlock the flap in order to see how much moisture has already been collected.

  • The handling is too complicated compared to competitive products.

As a result, it can happen that the functionality of the device in question is not fully utilized.

  • The container is difficult to remove.

This shortcoming occurs quite often in comparison with dehumidifiers from the low-price segment. Therefore, pay attention to dehumidifiers in the test, which also score in this regard with the best quality.

  • The noise development is extremely intense and therefore disrupts everyday life at home or in the office.

It can be annoying when a dehumidifier is too loud. The volume can become a burden, especially in the office or at home.

That is why more and more Amazon customers are relying on studying the current test reports in order to be on the safe side in advance.

Internet vs. specialist retailers: where is the best place to buy my dehumidifier?

The retail trade has a lot going for it when it comes to finding a good dehumidifier. In addition, you benefit from a wide variety of offers in the local trade and from mostly professional advice.

But in all of this there is also the Online trade long since nothing more. If you have your new dehumidifier in the Internet want to order, that's not just pronounced uncomplicated, but you also benefit - depending on the model - sometimes even from a substantial one Price savings. The recently carried out test reveals which devices are particularly cheap in comparison and also score points with their best quality.

Vingo dehumidifier from Hengda including automatic dehumidification function, LED display with timer function, air cleaning function, laundry drying function, defrosting function

These are the current dehumidifier bestsellers on Amazon

Medisana UHW ultrasonic room humidifier

The Medisana UHW ultrasonic room humidifier is ideal for dehumidifying bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms with a size of up to 30 m³.

The product is also extremely useful in offices. The room climate generated with the Medisana UHW ultrasonic room air humidifier promotes health and well-being and also prevents moisture damage and the associated mold formation.

The WIS dehumidifier

The WIS dehumidifier is characterized by a very high in comparison Performance out. So this adds up to around 26 liters per day or up to 200 m³. The dryer mode and the air purification function, which is also available, make this device so functional.

Also the Timer operation, the automatic dehumidification function and the defrost feature underline the special value of the WIS air dehumidifier. The device is ideal for dehumidifying bathrooms, offices, living rooms, basements and garages.

The Sancusto humidifier

The Sancusto humidifier2in1 has one 2.5 liters huge Water tank. The device works extremely quietly and therefore does not have to shy away from a comparison with competitive products in this performance category. Dirt and mold are often caused by moisture and can be well contained with the Sancusto humidifier.

It is remarkable that triple air purification and Sterilization technology, that effectively cleans the air. At the same time, you benefit from a natural living environment. The device manages 30 degrees Celsius and 80 percent relative humidity to eliminate about half a liter of moisture.

The Comfee MDDF-16DEN3 dehumidifier

At the Comfee MDDF-16DEN3 The dehumidifier is a construction dryer whose performance capacity is 16 liters of moisture within 24 hours lies. The room size in this regard is up to 80 m³.

A Frost- and Automatic overflow protection are also available, as well as a visible water level indicator. You can use the Comfee MDDF-16DEN3 dehumidifier not only in Shell structures, but also in closed spaces where there is a high degree of moisture.

The dehumidifier from Kloudic

The portable dehumidifiers of Kloudic works very quietly in comparison and is ideal for dehumidifying cupboards, small basement rooms, offices or garages. The device can also be set up in the bathroom or guest toilet to dehumidify the surrounding air.

The absorbable volume of moisture is up to 600 ml. The very well thought out Peltier technology allows up to 300 ml water per day at 30 degrees Celsius with a moisture content of up to 80 percent RH to eliminate.

Vingo dehumidifier from Hengda with the unique air inlet design

Stiftung Warentest: dehumidifier test - the results

Stiftung Warentest recommends using professional building dryers or aTo put dehumidifier. Even after a flood or water damage, the use of such a device is indispensable.
In comparison, however, hot air guns should be left in the garage or in the basement. It is also important to remove building materials such as screed or wood that have been damaged by moisture and mold as quickly as possible. There is no current test by Stiftung Warentest on the subject of dehumidifiers or building dryers. For this, however, the test institute Ökotest carried out a dehumidifier test.

Dehumidifier in the test

The Test institute Ökotest recently has one Dehumidifier test performed and at it 10 electrical devices the manufacturers promise a particularly dry room climate. None of the tested devices failed effectiveness on.

However, only one could with "very good" and four with "Well" be rated. Two dehumidifiers received the grade "satisfying" and two were with "sufficient" thoughtful. The one device, which in the test failed, received the test grade "inadequate". The new test report shows which dehumidifiers were particularly convincing in comparison.

Numbers, data, facts about dehumidifiers

It doesn't matter whether you use a dehumidifier for 20 Euros or for 5,000 euros need: The service portfolio should be right and through a efficient functionality to convince.

In general, the humidity in living spaces should be around 40 to 60 percent lie. Depending on the model, you can simply preset the desired value on the device. Smaller dehumidifiers have one integrated water tank, the between 500ml and 5.5 liters Catches moisture.

If you have one around 30 m³ If you want to dehumidify a large room, this ratio is easily sufficient. Because is the ceiling in such a room normally high and the room temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius, are on average about 425ml Collected water. In the course of this, the moisture content in the air is within up to 24 hours on around 90 on 60 percent reduced.

7 tips for care and maintenance

Tip 1

Tip 1

A dehumidifier should be positioned as freely as possible in the room and not framed by larger objects. This significantly reduces the efficiency of the device.

Tip 2

Tip 2

The water container must be emptied at regular intervals. It is also important to empty the container after commissioning.

Tip 3

Tip 3

As a comparison has shown, it is advisable to unplug the dehumidifier from the mains after each use to avoid the risk of a short circuit.

Tip 4

Tip 4

With a view to dehumidifiers that work with salt or granules, you should make sure that the corresponding aids are regularly checked for their degree of humidity. In addition, according to the manufacturer's instructions, the respective preparation should be completely replaced from time to time.